How to install skins on GTA?

Ksenia Gaynulina
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How to install skins on GTA?

Skins are usually called textures, that is, decorative graphic elements that are responsible for the appearance of objects. Skins do not change shape or other characteristics.

If you are tired of the standard look or just want to bring variety to the game, you can change the skin of any object in the GTA: be it a character, weapon, vehicle or building. To do this, there are several ways.

Automatic installation

This is a category of skins that the developers took care of installing.

  1. They simply download and run the installation.
  2. Press the button several times during the installation process.
  3. The only thing you need to check is that the correct unpacking path is specified (game folder directory).
  4. After installation, you can run the game and enjoy the new look of familiar things.

You can also download and install the Mod installer for your version of the game. These programs allow you to quickly change the complex skins in the game, without replacing individual parts.

Installing skins using IMG Tool

First you need to download and install.

  1. Now run the program and open the file with the textures of interest to us. In GTA, they are stored in files with the extension .img. For example, skins of cars, buildings and weapons are stored in the gta3.img file, in the / models directory, characters are stored in player.img.
  2. After the file is selected, press F2 and enter the name of the model of interest to us and select from the list a file with the extension .txd and replace it with your skin using the �Replace� command.
  3. After that, click "rebuild".

That's all, the skin is installed, you can run the game and enjoy.

In the same place you can see files of the same name with the extension .dff - these are model files, that is, they are responsible for the shape of the object and if you replace them with alternative ones, new objects will appear in the replacement game.

Skins and mods can be put on the licensed version of the game. If the skins are correct, made for your version and correctly installed, there will be no problems. In extreme cases, you can reinstall the game.