How to learn to draw: for beginners?

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How to learn to draw: for beginners?

Those who are trying to master the technique of drawing, should begin, first of all, with a pencil drawing, since this method is basic for all other techniques - drawing with paints, wax crayons, etc. The classical techniques that teach for beginners are not drawing forms or objects, and lines and so-called "spots".

The development of artistic vision

To learn how to draw for beginners for both adults and children, you need to develop an artistic vision. An artist, for example, when he draws a landscape, sees not individual objects — trees, a river, etc., but lines and contrasting spots, details can be drawn only later. If the drawing is done in pencil, the artist notices light and dark spots, and when the colors or colored chalk - multi-colored.

How to learn to draw for beginners: the simplest objects

At the first drawing lessons, as is usually the case, future artists learn to depict simple objects and figures. For example - a ball, a cube, a cone, a cylinder, etc.And not just with the help of simple lines, because the main task is to transmit the light and shadow of the selected object.

For example, when depicting a ball, three steps will be required:

  1. On the first of them draw a circle and schematically shade those places, which subsequently will be depicted flare (the brightest place of the ball), light place, partial shade and the darkest (shadow) elements of the picture.
  2. The next stage of drawing is to cover the pattern with spots (they were mentioned above) with the necessary tone. Simply put, shading will be performed using a different pressure on the pencil.
  3. The third, final stage of drawing is feathering of the strokes. With its help, the borders between strokes applied at the previous stage are washed away, extra lines are removed with the help of an eraser.

In the same way, you can draw other, more complex objects. More information about visual techniques can be found in our section Drawing.

Drawing from life

If it is not possible to determine on its own where the subject should have a glare, and where there are other shadow areas, then you can use the available tools.DrawHaving trained with a light source, you can accurately determine the light and shade.

Sketching from life you can purchase your drawing technique. For example, you can use an apple (the object that most closely resembles a ball), a vase, a glass bottle, etc. as a drawing object. The drawing technique is the same as described above. The same principle is drawn and the iris of the human eye, it also emit light and dark areas.

Drawing portraits

Separately learn to draw portraits, and you can learn to draw in fragments: first, learn how to draw eyes, nose, lips, facial contours, and then put these elements together to create a portrait. The same applies to drawing the human figure to its full height.