How to learn to live?

One day we suddenly think: “Is it moving in the right direction?” It happens absolutely for everyone and, as a rule, at a crucial moment in life. We suddenly look back and see the negative in our own way, shattered hopes, a series of failures, disappointments. The outcome of such conclusions is anger and depression. How to learn to live happily, despite the negative and trials that life sends us?

Psychologists, as well as supporters of ideas on the spiritual development of the personality, assure: it is possible to live with an absolute feeling of happiness under any circumstances of life. But such a perception of the world is not an easy job that a person has to do on himself. Here are a few steps on the path to a real, correct life.

Thinking about what has been achieved

So, you decided for yourself: "We need to change something." You are on the right path to your goal. After all, the very realization that life is not the best way? the first step to its improvement. The world in which we live is just a reflection of our inner work. If everything is wrong around, then it's time to change your views.

First of all, understand: everything, absolutely everything around you was created by you. Therefore, do not blame anyone for what is happening to you now. Believe me, the higher forces (the Universe, God, fate - no matter how you call them), tried their best to protect you from this, but you did not perceive their clues. However, this is slightly lower.

Estimate that you have. Weigh the pros and cons in every area of ​​your life. Perhaps you are in serious trouble at work, but you have good friends. Or he spoils health, but there is an opportunity for creative expression ... Analyze your life. You can record your discoveries on paper to give yourself the exact answer.

And now define for yourself the concept of values. What are they for you? If these are only material goods, keep in mind - this way is wrong. What is considered to be the attributes of a good life — power, money, expensive accessories, and housing — is certainly necessary, but they should not grow into value. It is rather a goal.

To understand this question for yourself, simulate the following situation: imagine that at the moment you are living your last minute. The precious seconds will go away and you will not be.Ask yourself: what are you doing now? What do you think? What do you want? Who is next to you? Would you like these people or actions to be the last thing you feel before you die? Actually, what would you like at the last minute? Everyone will have their own answers to these questions. These answers will make up your values.

Self acceptance

If after all this you are disappointed in your life and your own actions, it's time to move on to the next stage: forgive yourself for all that you have done. For being loved, hated, not appreciated or overestimated someone or something, for anger and despair, for bad language, for not wanting to live such a life. Accept and ask yourself the past, because you did not know, as it should be, you did not understand your actions and true goals, and you had your reasons for everything. But do not make excuses, namely farewell.

Being in these thoughts, you are on the border of a new life and on the way to an answer to the question of how to learn how to live correctly.

Tips from over how to learn to live

As soon as you experience yourself, plunge into incredible sensations of spiritual bliss. You will have the opportunity to feel your inner world - the brain will be tuned to a constant analysis.

At this stage, you can not set any goals! You, like a small child, must now study yourself and understand who you really are, who you can and who you should become. New goals will not give you the opportunity to know yourself. Give time, and soon you will realize with complete clarity your own movement and purpose.

On the way to your self-improvement, the higher forces will help you in every way, so pay attention to the clues - events, unusual situations and incidents in your current life, carefully monitor the emotions resulting from any event. For example, if you witnessed an accident it is quite obvious that a collision may also occur in your life: conflict with others, family conflicts. This is not a prophecy, this is a warning: stop, think and prevent.

With emotions a little different. The fact is that emotion is a spontaneous manifestation of feelings. If something or someone has caused some kind of emotion in you, then there is a very specific reason, the sources of which may be hiding in the distant past. Your task is to find these sources and analyze your own attitude towards them.Wounds can hide in deep childhood or adolescence, it is unpleasant for you to return to this and the brain carefully closes the information. Such work on yourself can be extremely unpleasant and painful, but it needs to be done.

The more you analyze, the brighter the pictures of the past become, the more productive the work will go. The whole body will be tuned to the update.

Pay special attention to your dreams. Your work on yourself will force your subconscious to help you, and additional clues can manifest themselves during dreams.

Parallel to your inner work, you will notice how life is changing around you. You will begin to appreciate what you did not pay attention to, to believe in your own superiority over difficulties and problems. You will understand that all of them are nothing but prompts from higher powers that give us a chance to once again delve into ourselves, find the problem and - become more perfect. Now you will tell your loved ones how to learn to live life to the fullest.