How to learn to play well?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
November 11, 2014
How to learn to play well?

Football is one of the favorite games of boys, but not everyone can afford to attend a football school. How to learn to play good football on their own, and is it possible? Of course! There would be a desire! How to become a decent player without outside help, we will tell in our article.

Physical training

Needless to say that without a decent physical training on the field is better not to go? First, you need to train endurance daily cross-country for long distances. Secondly, it is important to pay attention to the target muscles, training them on simulators. Well, finally, do not forget about the training of breathing. Good advice on this subject can be found.


Pass accuracy is the most important condition for a successful game. Even if you do not have a partner who wants to train with you, you will be able to productively work out this skill. Stand in front of the wall at a distance of 4-5 meters from it and beat the ball into it. When the ball bounces, try to beat him to the same point he hit the first time.Do not forget to change the legs, the pass must be able to give both feet equally well.

Reception ball

Of course, this skill is better to work with a partner, but you can train the reception with a wall. In the event that you have found a friend, ask him from a distance of 5-10 meters to give you the ball, but so that it does not fly right under your feet, but slightly to the side. If you train with a wall, move away from it at the same distance, hit the ball against the wall and try to take it in different ways during a rebound.


Blow must be strong and accurate. In order for it to be strong, train your legs, and to train accuracy, use the following technique. Find the gate, move away from them at 10-15 meters and try to hit the crossbar. Do not expect that you will immediately fall, patiently work out the exercise. When you can hit the crossbar at least 4 times out of 10, you can narrow down the task. For example, to get to the right edge of the crossbar.

Running with the ball

“Communicating” with the ball in a static position is one thing, and controlling it in dynamics is another. Here only long and persistent training will help. Run with the ball and try to maintain control.Also, in order to better feel the ball, it is recommended to juggle them with your feet.

Bypass players

Bypassing players is probably the hardest part. However, it is interesting that this skill can be trained without assistants - just place on the field obstacles (for example, sticks) and bypass them.

Do not forget that today in the network you can find a lot of video tutorials on practicing these elements, so that if something does not work out, it is necessary.