How to look at 70 to 30? Give up sugar!

We all know that sugar is harmful. But how to reduce its consumption, if it is contained not only in candy-cakes, but also in cereal for breakfast, cereal bars, favorite fruits ... It is possible to revise the bad habits of all of us will be prompted by the new star of Instagrama, Caroline Harz? It is difficult (yes, there is absolutely impossible!) To believe, but this year an Australian with a beautiful smile and a smooth wave of hair has turned ... 70 years. The figure, as you can see, is just envy, especially when you consider that she is three times a mother and now she is happy to bring up her grandchildren.

The secret of youth and beauty Carolyn is simple and complex at the same time. 30 years ago, she completely abandoned sugar. Without disruption, "one piece is not considered" or "today is possible." She stopped eating sweets by switching to healthy and healthy foods. “When I was 40 years old, doctors put a pre-diabetic condition on me, I revised my eating habits, and soon the blood sugar level returned to normal,” she recalls.“It was very difficult to completely refuse sugar, I replaced it with xylitol.” To inspire other women with her example, Carolyn created SweetLife for the production of sugar-free desserts and began sharing tips on healthy living.