How to make a bath yourself?

Today on sale you can find a rich variety of baths of various models and shapes. However, someone may need to make a bath on their own, and someone may well have the desire to bring their design ideas to life. How to make a bath yourself, is detailed below.

A simple way to make a bath

This method is suitable, for example, to give. Any large container (box, wooden or plastic box) should be covered with a dense polyethylene material. For these purposes, you can use the film to cover the greenhouses. Bath is ready.

You can also dig a deep hole in the ground and cover it with the same plastic material. The result is an improvised mini-pool.

The following method will require a little more time and effort.

Quick brick bath

  1. In order to make a more reliable bath, you should take a large deep pan and overlay it with bricks.
  2. Then follows the walls of the future bath from the brick.
  3. In order to make a natural drain, a hole in the pan should be brought out with a corrugated pipe into the sewer system of the house.
  4. The walls of the bath, if desired, can be revetted with ceramic tiles.

Also in the manufacture of baths, you can use metal formwork modules.

Bath of formwork modules

  1. To begin with, fill the pre-prepared form with concrete.
  2. After the concrete has dried, coat the bath with a waterproof material: mosaic, tile or waterproof plastic.

As a material for the manufacture of baths, you can use a red refractory brick.

Red brick bath

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to enclose the form with bricks, using ceresite, a waterproof glue, which is usually used in the process of making pools, for bonding.
  2. After that, in the bath should make two layers of waterproofing material and let them dry.
  3. To give the bath an aesthetically appealing look, overlay it with a mosaic or other waterproof finishing material.

The following method of making a bath is the most difficult and time consuming, however, as a result you will receive a quality product that can serve you much longer than other homemade counterparts.

Metal bath

  1. Make a full-size cardboard bathtub model.
  2. With the help of specialists, weld the metal frame of the bath according to a previously prepared pattern.
  3. The bowl of the bathroom is made of steel sheets, which can give the shape you need.
  4. After that, the construction of the frame and steel sheets should be installed at the permanent location of the future bath.
  5. Then pour moisture-proof concrete into the construction and wait until it dries.
  6. After that, apply the first layer of waterproofing material and let it dry. Thus, it will be necessary to pour two more layers.
  7. To check the structure for leakage, the bath should be filled with water and left for one to two days.
  8. If the leak is not detected, you can proceed to the design decoration of the product.