How to make a beautiful clutch with your own hands?

For quite some time now such a small, but simply necessary accessory, has become an indispensable attribute of a female toilet. And this is not an ulterior motive, it is very convenient, and the main thing is always an elegant and refined thing that can easily fit into any female image.

From season to season, from one collection to another, a wide variety of clutch bags and small handbags do not leave the world's catwalks, they are present in every show, the girls, who have completely different styles and images, love them.

How to make an interesting clutch with your own hands

But, unfortunately, the clutch is not universal, if you are going to a party, then you will need the evening option, and for a walk or on business you will have to take a completely different model.

Naturally, I want to diversify my wardrobe, but, unfortunately, due to the lack of wide choice in stores or lack of financial opportunity, it is rather difficult to do this, especially since the clutch is not cheap.

But this is not an excuse to get frustrated, everything can be solved with the help of one's own will, a small amount of materials and fantasy.We present to your attention a few lessons that will help you figure out how to make a clutch yourself. After reading them, you will understand that there is nothing complicated in this; you just need a little patience.

What are clutches and what are they wearing?

Before you start creating independent models of these elegant and feminine handbags, you need to decide on the type of clutch you want, and what you can wear it to look stylish and harmonious.

How to make a beautiful clutch with your own hands

Even literally a few years ago, the clutch was considered only an evening accessory, it looked like a small purse that could be decorated with expensive stones or rhinestones. Now he has averaged the area of ​​his application, now it can be easily seen in the office or in everyday wear, which significantly increased the number of materials from which clutches are made, as well as the number of their styles and models.

  • Leather clutch can be attributed to the universal accessories, because it is easy to combine with any clothing and footwear, but best of all this handbag looks with a business suit or with outerwear, for example, with a fur coat or long coat.
  • The figured clutch is an unusual type of this accessory; they are striking in their variety: multi-layered, quilted, having the most vivid and unusual prints, for example, with python skin or leopard spots. These clutches can be worn with any clothes and for any reason, the main thing is that in their appearance and color they are combined with your main clothes.
  • The lacquer clutch belongs to the representatives of traditional women's accessories, therefore it is necessary to wear it with the same clothes: an elegant short or long black dress, as well as pumps in the tone of a small lacquer handbag.
  • Large clutch envelope. Most often, such models have no decor, their style is kept in discreet notes, so such models are perfect for business women who often carry paper and folders in their handbags. This model combines, as you already understood, with elegant business suits.

What do we need to create a clutch?

Before you start cutting the fabric, you must carefully prepare for the process to purchase, if the house is not available, all the necessary materials. If you are interested in the question of what a clutch can be made of, then we read further, we will list all the necessary materials and details that will help make the whole process easier and more convenient.

Decor old clutch photo

First of all, you will need the fabric from which the clutch will be created. Of course, they are sewn from a variety of materials: leather, leather substitute, suede, raincoat fabric, any soft and dense fabrics will do, because they must keep the shape of your handbag so that it does not turn into a shapeless bag.

  • Sharp scissors or a knife for cutting material.
  • Workers zipper, which can serve as a fastener, a variety of small things for decoration: buttons, rivets, beads, pebbles, beads, and others.
  • Chalk and paper for patterns, needles and threads.

Create an original clutch envelope

It is best to make such a clutch from a piece of leather or vinyl so that it keeps its shape well. To begin with, we will decide on the sizes, let in our case the envelope width will be 35 cm, and the length in the closed state will be 25 cm. To begin, we will draw a pattern: take a sheet of paper and draw a scan of your clutch on it.

Do not worry, there is nothing complicated, draw one large rectangle that has a length of 50 cm, divide it in half. The line that you held in the middle - this is the fold line of the clutch, that is, its bottom. We draw a triangle to the rectangle,which our envelope will close: the height from the top to the middle of the opposite side will be 18 cm, and the width coincides with the width of the rectangle –35 cm.

Now, when we got the shape in the form of a house, the pattern can be cut and transferred to the fabric, for this we simply circle it on the fabric. Cut out.

We fold the material along the fold lines; now it is necessary to stitch all the fold lines on the sewing machine, as well as the side parts, the seam line will be on the outside, thereby decorating its strict design. Go to the button-clasp. We cut a small hole on the triangular part, a button will be inserted into it. The fastener itself is sewn to the bottom, everything is ready!

How to make a clutch bag from old jeans, beads or any other fabric?

If you have old jeans in your closet that you don’t put on, you can easily give them a second breath. For such an idea, old trousers made of any other fabric may be suitable, it all depends on your desires and fantasy. To create such a clutch, you will need another strap and clasps, which can be easily purchased at any sewing store.

Beautiful clutch can be made by own hands

So let's get started.Cut off one leg from jeans, then turn it inside out and bend it in the middle. The cutting edge must be carefully stitched with an indent of 10 mm, then we pass a strap through the inside of the leg, position it in the center, and pull the tip of the strap out.

The place of fixing the strap is better to stitch several times, then make bartacks. Then we fold the fabric so that the stitched edge coincides with the side seam of the jeans, we stretch the corner 3 cm from the edge.

Similarly, we sew a second corner, constantly make sure that the stitched edge is not twisted, and the indent from the edge was the same everywhere. Now turn out the bag, from the front it has acquired its real shape.

We sew the strap with a fastener manually, after which your clutch is almost ready, it remains to decorate it. Everyone can do it to their own taste, for example, with the help of beads, scuffs, metal rivets or embroidery - all this will look very appropriate. We decided to make embroidery with beads. To do this, you need to put the desired pattern on the clutch with a pencil, then sheathe it with beads, for example, you can make a flower or a pretty smile.

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