How to make a bot?

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How to make a bot?

In many computer games for the revitalization and expansion of the gameplay, the possibility of including a bot in the game is provided. A bot is a special program that imitates a partner or an opponent in a game - artificial intelligence, in a certain way. The article below describes how to create bots in the COP 1.6, Battlefield 2 and Minecraft.

Counter Strike 1.6

So, how to make a bot in, for example, a popular game like Counter Strike 1.6? To begin, the player must call the console, in which to recruit all the teams. The console in CS is called with the “Ё” key. Then everything is easy, you need to remember, but it is better to write down a few commands:

  • bot_add_ct - the creation of a bot, speaking for a team of counter-terrorists.
  • bot_add_t - creating a bot that plays as a terrorist.
  • bot_add - creation of bots without enrollment in a specific team.

Remember, each team adds only one bot to the game.Boat in CS

Sometimes problems arise when a player wants to fight alone against an army, albeit a small one. The maximum size of troops, by the way, is 20 bots. To get it right, you need to remember the following commands. You need to enter them in the same place in the console:

  • mp_limitteams 20 - this team increases the size of the squad up to 20 allies.
  • mp_autoteambalance 0 - but this one, just, will allow the player to feel great. She turns off the balance. If you do not enter it, the program will automatically distribute bots to a team with a smaller number of players. And there will be no 1:20.
  • Another tricky command: bot_quota 19 - 19 bots are created simultaneously. The number at the end determines the number of bots.

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 is a game where bots can't do without. Especially if the player wants to practice before the online game. Here we need not just bots, but real Artificial Intelligence. For this you have to play with the settings.

  1. Settings are stored in the \ mods \ bf2 \ Ai directory. The player will find the required characteristics in the file. This is aiSettings.setMaxNBots, which is responsible for the number of bots and aiSettings.setBotSkill - the level of intelligence of the enemy. The values ​​of the parameters themselves are separated from the name by a space, so it’s not difficult to change them.
  2. In another parameter aiSettings.maxBotsIncludeHumans, replace the value zero, which is there by default, with one. And do not get carried awayBoat in Battlefieldnumber of bots. 128 opponents will make even a very powerful computer slow down.
  3. A very useful setting: aiSettings.setBotSkill. The higher its value - the higher the complexity of the game. It varies from zero to one.
  4. And most importantly, to make it work, the player needs to insert aiSettings.overrideMenuSettings in front of the aiSettings.setMaxNBots line.
  5. And in order to make your own, exceptional bots, you need to go to the file The directory is still the same \ mods \ bf2 \ Ai. Here, as is already clear from the name, the names of computer opponents are stored. Each line of the file is a separate soldier and looks like this: aiSettings.addBotName X. Instead of “X” the name of the bot is written by default. Changing it, the player renames it.


And finally, let's consider how to make your bot appear in the popular game Minecraft.

To help the player there is a wonderful plugin with a "talking" name: Custom NPC. This mod adds new inhabitants, with whom you can communicate, trade, etc. It is very easy to install the mod:

  1. If this is not done yet, install it. This mod allows other Minecraft mods to work.
  2. Be sure to delete the folder: META-INF. Next, move the mod to the mods folder and run the game.

Making a tool for the bot

We make a tool for the bot. Then we take the tool in hand and right-click on any block. A menu with several tabs will appear on the screen. In it, the player sets up a new bot.

  1. Display: first menu tab. Here you can specify the name of the bot, its appearance and position.We'll have to experiment, but nothing complicated here.
  2. Second tab: Stats. Here are the following options:
    • Health - "health" bot.
    • AttackRange - the distance from which the bot will attack
    • Normal WalkingSpeed ​​- the speed of movement of the bot
    • Respawn of / on - this parameter indicates whether the bot will “resurrect” after death. And if so, after what period of time.Minecraft
    • Strenght - bot attack power
    • AttackSpeed ​​- attack speed
    • Attack WalkingSpeed ​​- attack speed in motion.
  3. Very important tab Advanced. Here the role of the bot and its fraction are determined:
    • Trader is a merchant. Fully customizable, you can set 36 values.
    • Follower is a mercenary. This will have to pay out of pocket. True, how much to pay, the player adjusts himself.
    • Bank - respectively, the bank. Works on the principle of the chest edge.
    • Transporter - this bot will transfer you to another similar one.

Do not be afraid to experiment and make your bot - this is also a game, and very exciting.