How to make a dispenser in minecraft?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
September 18, 2014
How to make a dispenser in minecraft?

Distributor is a unique unit, the main distinguishing feature of which is the ability to throw away objects placed in it. The distributor inventory is a field of three by three (in cells). It is activated by signaling a red stone (lever, push plate, button, etc.). This type of block is used to create traps, organize farms, spawner mobs, etc. In this article we will talk about how to make a distributor in Minecraft.

How to make a distributor in Minecraft

In order to craft a distributor, you will need:

  • seven blocks of cobblestone;
  • one unit of redstone;
  • onion (in any case not damaged).

Craft components:

  1. The cobblestone is mined anywhere under several layers of the earth with a pick from any material (it is possible with a hand, but with a pick is still faster);
  2. Red dust falls out of blocks of ore, which can be found in dungeons or when excavating your own mine;
  3. The bow is crafted from three threads (drops after killing a spider) and three sticks (made from planks, which, in turn, are made from wood).
  4. Then a distributor is assembled from these parts.

Distributor Application

Liquid traps

Due to the property of the dispenser, pour liquids out of the buckets (if they are full) and fill them (if empty). One of the most popular uses of the dispenser are liquid traps. That is, if there is a liquid (water or lava) directly in front of the dispenser unit and an empty bucket in its inventory, then when activated it will scoop it up.

If there is a bucket in the inventory, for example, with lava, then when giving a signal, it will pour it in front of him. Very convenient for flooding or burning traps.

Deadly traps

Also, the distributor has another interesting property: he simply throws ordinary objects in front of him onto a three-by-three-square site, while shells and potions fire at him. Any projectile (whether it is an arrow, fireball or snowball), released by the distributor, will fly from 10 to 21 blocks. This feature is often used to create traps for mobs, and in multiplayer - for players, for example, pozarivshihsya for someone else's property.

Plant cultivation

For players who like to engage in farming, the distributor has one more feature. Bonemeal must be placed in the inventory (crafted from bones falling out after killing skeletons). The distributor will throw it away, thus fertilizing the plants.


For especially lazy players, the distributor can serve as a wardrobe for armor. If you put in it all four types of clothing, and then activate, the armor issued by the distributor, will automatically take the necessary slots.


If you place mobs' eggs in the dispenser, then when activated it will create several necessary monsters. This method is often used to create traps for players.

The application of the distributor will surely help you in the game.