How to make a gazebo beautiful and inexpensive: gazebos of willow

How to make a gazebo is not like everyone else, and preferably cheap. Beautiful and free, is it possible? Yes, and the material for such an original beautiful gazebo at your fingertips is a willow.

It is enough for you to know the basics of creating such an arbor and just start sticking a vine into the ground. When the willow tree rises to figure out how to organize it in a tent, it will be easy.

Let's start with the landing. A willow is such a tree that even if you just throw it on the ground or plant it upside down, it will germinate anyway. Only the presence of moisture is enough.

Since this plant is quite aggressive, then it is better to plant willow under the gazebo in the ground with plastic or a special film to control weeds so that you do not have to then fight with the grown roots of willow in the garden or near the cesspools.

Do not let the willows rise too high. Timely trim the arbor frame to the desired height.

Especially this is demanded by the shoots at the very top.Therefore, calculate the height of the arbor so that you can reach its highest point when pruning.

Form the rising shoots in time - the fact that today is a thin twig, next year it is difficult to bend, and in a year the stiff wood will grow where it wishes.

Therefore, the frame seedlings must be bent into the dome BEFORE they reach the desired length (do not be afraid to use ordinary twine for this). When they grow to the right height, they can be so stiff that you will not bend them.

You can engage in the creation of a live arbor in several stages. In the first year, plant seedlings for the frame. In the following years, planting new young saplings between them. In fact, you will not do a live arbor, you will “weave” it.

The thickness of the seedling for planting a live gazebo is about 1.5 cm. Simply cut the necessary number of twigs with a secateur and put them in a bucket of water until they let the roots go.

When planting, the stalks should be sunk into the soil to a depth of 30 cm. You can use an iron rod for this - you make a deep hole and deepen a seedling in it.Do not rush and do not fuss - you will need 2-3 years to form a full gazebo.

If the result does not suit you. You can just cut everything off and start all over again.

Use your imagination to make your beautiful live arbor. Remember that even when the gazebo is ready you need to water it, cut and plant new seedlings.

You now know how to make a gazebo from virtually nothing! We hope that working on this unique project will make you happy.