How to make a group open?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
May 10, 2015
How to make a group open?

VKontakte social network has the ability to create communities of interest - groups. According to the degree of privacy, these groups can be open (with free membership), closed (applications that do not join the group undergo preliminary moderation) and private (new members of the group are invited only by its creators). We already wrote about how to organize such a virtual community in the article How to create a group in contact. And now you will tell you how to make the group open.

Create a new open community

So, first go to the site with your username and password or create a new profile. Next, in the personal menu of the personal page, select the item “My groups” and create a new community (the button “Create community”). And now we need to adjust the settings of the new group and establish the degree of its privacy - “open”.

In the group settings menu, select the latest item “group type”. Usually the default option is set to “open”.In this case, simply press the button under the “Save” settings menu.

If a different type of group is offered by default (closed or private), then we click on this active link, and from the expanded list of group types select the option “open”.

Press the "Save" button - and get a new open type group. That is, now any user of the VKontakte network can join this group.

Open a closed community

To open an existing group of a closed or private type, you need to be its creator or administrator, that is, have the rights to moderate or change settings. You can open a group as follows.

  1. We go in the group.
  2. On the right side of the screen in the group menu, select the item "Community Management".
  3. Find the settings menu and go down to the "type of group".
  4. Set the type - open.
  5. Click the "Save" button.

All - now the community will be open to its new members.