How to make a magic wand?

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How to make a magic wand?

The magic wand is an obligatory attribute of any self-respecting magician and sorcerer. The main function of the wand is the concentration and augmentation of the magical power of its owner, as well as the ability to develop certain qualities and inclinations in it. The great magicians of antiquity knew perfectly how to make a magic wand a great weapon and tool of witchcraft. This knowledge was kept in the strictest confidence, and therefore came to us damaged and incomplete. We will consider options for how to make a magic wand at home, by yourself. By the way, read clearly how to make a magic wand, the video is presented on this page. Let's start!

Making a real magic wand

We need a blank - the shaft of the wand. You can take it in any forest or park. Knowing how to make a magic wand, real magicians preferred walnut, elder or rowan wood. But after all, magicians were guided by the principle "do no harm", which means that it is impossible to break out. Look for a broken branch lying on the ground.You should sense the presence of this branch, not necessarily to see. After all, how to make a real magic wand, if you believe the everyday perception of two eyes? If you feel and then see, you will definitely understand whether the branch is suitable for you or not. You have to take it in hand and feel the intercourse between you, a certain vibration of cosmic energy concentrated in your hand.

How to make a magic wand from this branch? To begin with, clean it from bumps and knots, remove the entire bark, polish it with fine grit sandpaper. Then varnish the wand. It will extend the life and add seriousness to the appearance. But this is only a pole. We need to make a real magic wand, and for this you need to provide it with a magic core. You choose the core for the wand once, and you will use the wand itself throughout your life; treat the choice with all responsibility. We will tell you about the main powerful magic cores known to the great magicians of antiquity.

Magic cores and their features

Warning: you can not use multiple magical substances at the same time! You can upset the balance of magic, and this will cause irreparable damage to you or the entire universe! Respect magic, honor traditions.This is not a scope for innovation! What kind of magic cores can a modern man use to create a magic wand?

  • Eagle feather. Used by power-hungry magicians. Brings good luck in ideas, helps bring victory in any endeavors. +122 to willpower and purity of soul. The choice of courageous magicians.
  • Falcon feather The choice of freedom-loving, passionate, but modest magicians. Gives the gift of hope.
  • Owl feather. Will give the ability to think informally, to consider familiar situations from a new angle, add a lot of wisdom and determination. Symbol and focus of independence from outside opinions.
  • Black crow feather. Develops intuition and subtlety of mind. This magic core is twofold: be careful when choosing it. There is a danger that cruelty and greed will be awakened in you.
  • Feather kite. Select only dark mages. To make a magic wand with a kite feather meant that the owner had firmly decided to take the side of Darkness and was ready to carry out his cruel ideas and plans by any means.
  • Snake Scale will give you access to any previously unexplored knowledge. Add determination, eloquence. But this choice is twofold.Having made such a magic wand, you recognize that there is still a struggle between Light and Darkness in your soul. You have not decided who you are, and the wand will reveal your true purpose.
  • Scale salamander. Making a magic wand out of a nut and stuffing it with salamander scales is an ideal choice for a brave and courageous magician. Personality, excluding all sorts of compromises with conscience. The focus of all the nobility of the universe. Feel free to face the enemies and express their discontent with what is happening. Do not be tempted by the basement fun. This magic core will open your eyes to the Truth.
  • The veins of the bat. As the magic core used those that are in the wings of animals. Promote the development of the gift of clairvoyance, divination. You will always be ready for any events and incidents, you know everything in advance.
  • Finally, we consider the most dangerous magic core. Dried mandrake root. Yes, yes, the same, the choice of the strongest and most powerful dark magicians! Strengthen all the negative aspects of human nature, will help to commit any terrible act, or even the destruction of huge masses of people.Such a wand will be faithful to you as long as you do not flinch in reflections or take pity on someone. Then you yourself will become a victim of her power and unlimited magical power. It is impossible to use such a wand for noble purposes. This is a tool of destruction, a weapon.

How to fix the magic core on a stick? Simply - use a single-color ribbon. Use the color that you like. This will once again underline your individuality and increase your magical power.

So we learned how to make a magic wand yourself. But on this the creation process is not finished! She will not work. For its activation it is necessary to conduct a rite of passage. Real magicians do this either on May 1 or October 31 in the Celtic New Year. Do not want to wait so long? There is a way out! It is only necessary to wait for the full moon. At midnight, take your magic wand and go with it to a far street. Make sure that people do not notice you throughout the ritual. Spread a large piece of pure white cloth on the ground in the rays of moonlight. In the corners of the set candles, light them. Try to concentrate on what is happening, stop the train of thought.Promise your wand to never commit any evil with it.

You made a magic wand a real magician tool. We taught you how to make a magic wand for free. You can tell how to make a magic wand for children. If they grow up, they will understand and follow in your footsteps the great magician.