How to make a phone out of paper?

Knowing the world around us, our children in every way try to imitate us - adults. Whether we drive a car, peel potatoes, or talk on a cell phone, the kids watch our actions and try to repeat them exactly in the course of their game.

In order not to get stumped every time when this beloved child needs to provide this car, like a father’s, then an iron, like a mother’s, or even a spaceship, like Alice’s from The Secret of the Third Planet, we need to have an inexhaustible fantasy and very skillful hands.

Let's figure out how to make a phone out of paper. Attach to the manufacture of your child, as well as other family members. Let everyone make their own mobile phone, then the process will turn into a great family entertainment. And then you can call each other, make-believe, of course, and communicate, communicate, communicate ... Believe me, there’s no other happiness for the kid. Well, let's start? And at the end you will find a real surprise.

For work you will need:

  • A-4 paper sheet (you can take colored paper) - 3 pcs.
  • Paints, pencils or felt-tip pens for design registration of phone.

Instructions for making the phone

  1. Take the first sheet of paper, fold it in half lengthwise, and then straighten it so that you can see the bend.
  2. All four corners of the sheet bend to the center. You will have a square with two sharp corners and two, as if cut off.
  3. Cut corners, too, bend to the center of the sheet.
  4. Turn the sheet over to the other side and fold the remaining corners inwards so that the resulting figure resembles a rectangle. There are very few steps left before you make the phone out of paper (the candy bar is ready).
  5. The rectangle, in turn, bend the sides of a third of its width and tuck the corners of the left side into the formed pockets on the right.
  6. The result was a rectangle three times smaller than the previous one and consisting, as it were, of two squares.
  7. Turn these squares towards you, fold it in half and unbend it.
  8. In the pockets located on the sides, stick your index fingers and, where the squares converge, make a break along the fold made earlier.
  9. This billet set aside for now.
  10. Do the same with the second sheet of paper, but you should stop at step 4. inclusive.
  11. Put the second blank next to the first one and start the third one.
  12. The next sheet roll along so that its smaller side corresponds to the smaller side of the first blank.
  13. Thread the third billet in the first, but up to half. The end of the third blank must go through the hole you made when preparing the first blank.
  14. Blanks number 2 lay on top. Note that it should lie so that then you can fill the corners in the pockets.
  15. Thread the ends of workpiece number 3 into one another and bend it to the size of the first workpiece.
  16. Now with the second blank, repeat the steps described in paragraph 5.
  17. Your phone is ready. It remains only to decorate. Draw a screen, buttons, camera, etc.

Now about how to make a phone out of paper, your baby will be able to tell his friends what would be a great occasion for an exciting game. You probably noticed that it turned out that you have not a simple mobile phone. And the real slider. This is the promised surprise. After all, you see, the baby will be much more interesting to play with the phone, which also unfolds. Call each other, chat. And enjoy your holiday with your family!