How to make a pool?

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How to make a pool?

Before you make a pool, it is necessary to determine its location in its summer cottage. The pool is an artificial reservoir, which on hot days will delight you with the coolness of its water, will be an excellent place to relax, both for adult members of your family and for children. Site selection is a very crucial moment. Since it is necessary to take into account the size of the pool, and the illumination of the area with natural sunlight, and the ability to locate country furniture around the pool.

Choosing a place for a pool, do not forget to take into account the type of its design, because pools are frame and trenched. In turn, frame pools are divided into those that are completely located on the surface of the earth and those that are partially located on the surface. Frame pools compared to the pit have several advantages:

  • Ease of maintenance.
  • The ability to move the pool to any place of the site.
  • Easy to install on the site.

But the cost of frame pools is an order of magnitude higher, so many gardeners prefer to equip trenched counterparts on the site, which are much cheaper.

Construction of the frame pool at the dacha

Most often the pool in the country is a concrete-metal structure, which looks luxurious, but its cost is not always acceptable to the citizens. Therefore, experts recommend making a frame pool of wood and aluminum or galvanized tin sheets. Before you make a pool with your own hands, you need to stock up with boards and pine bars, from which the lower and upper trim. The intermediate layer is made of thick boards, which, like bars, can be dismantled for the winter, when no one will use the pool. Please note that the structure must be given additional rigidity - for this, it is necessary to perform bracing of thick boards.

In order that the pool does not leak, it is necessary to apply sealants in the process of its manufacture - the benefit is in the hardware store you can buy sealants for any type of work and any manufacturer.In order for the tree to acquire water-repellent properties, use diesel fuel. The replacement of water in this design can be carried out easily, if the crane is mounted on the bottom of the pool. When connecting to a flexible hose tap, all the water that was used in the pool can be used for watering the garden. This type of pool is also good because it can be harmoniously incorporated into the style of the landscape.

Construction of the pit pool

The most time-consuming construction is a pit process. By the way, such a pool will be durable and will be inexpensive. But before you make a pool in the country, you need to dig a pit, the size of which will be proportional to the size of the site. Of course, in a small summer cottage, it will not be possible to build a huge pool, and it will look at least ridiculous in the general concept of landscape design. When choosing a site for construction, pay attention that it is convenient to connect water to the pool, because you are not going to fill the structure with buckets. In addition, if you always live in a country house in the summer season, you will have to fill the pool almost daily.

For a stationary pool it is necessary to dig a pit, considering that the depth of the pool must be at least one and a half meters. At the same time, all the roots of plants are removed, because with their presence, it will be quite difficult to lay waterproofing. After the pit is dug, it is necessary to well tamp its bottom. In the central part of the bottom, it is necessary to dig another hole 50 cm deep and 40 cm in diameter. Gravel must be filled in it so that its level is slightly below the ground level. Now the entire surface is covered with sand, 20 cm thick. Then a layer of waterproofing is put in - this is ordinary plastic film that is sold in hardware stores. When laying waterproofing film must be run over the edge of the pool by 50 cm.

If you look at how to make a pool on video, you can see that you need to get serious enough about the drain equipment. A lot of water is placed in the pool, but it should not go away involuntarily, therefore, when equipping the drain pipe in places where it comes into contact with the film, it is necessary to perform a good sealing. Position the pipe slightly above the sandy layer, be sure to equip it with a filter - use a rubber ring and nylon cloth.

Using a ring, fasten a piece of cloth and your drain pipe will never clog. All trash that enters the pool is removed after draining the water. However, in some summer cottages, the soil does not have good draining properties, therefore, in such summer cottages, it is recommended to drain water from the pool partially, but daily. It is possible to pump out water by means of the pump, then you will not need to equip a drain pipe. In general, it all depends on the requirements and wishes of the owner of the problem.

After the base of the pool is completed, it is necessary to proceed to the finishing of the structure - the walls of the pool can be laid out with blue tiles. The pool will look beautiful if its bottom is strewn with river sand - a 10-centimeter layer of sand will be more than enough. To create the illusion of a beach at your summer cottage, fill the area around the pool with the same sand. To be comfortable to use the pool, you must provide a ladder.

Good luck in construction!