How to make a scar?

Tattooing, piercing in the most unexpected places and tunnels in the ears today is difficult to surprise anyone. The most advanced make themselves a scarification or scarification. The custom of drawing a picture on the body with the help of scars and scars came from the traditions of equatorial peoples and became very popular among informal youth.

In contrast to the underdeveloped nations, scars today are applied for aesthetic reasons; to many, they seem beautiful, shocking, causing shock to others. So, it is considered very fashionable to put a scar on a body as a certain pattern. But what is a scarification, and how to make a scar on the arm or some other part of the body?

Scarification mainly consists of two types:

  • Branding is a burn with a laser or a burner.
  • Cutting - cutting out layers of the skin with a blade or scalpel, sometimes using tattoo paint.

There are also abrasive, chemical scarification and branding with liquid nitrogen. But such procedures are extremely dangerous, because as a result you, firstly, are unlikely to get a smooth pattern, and secondly, everything can result in serious health problems.


Branding is done in different ways, but the purpose of this procedure is to get a skin burn that forms a keloid scar or scar during healing. The pattern with this type of scarring will be wide and the keloid is large and voluminous. Brands for this type of scarification are made of steel, they are heated on a gas burner and applied to the skin.

Undoubtedly, this procedure is very painful and not safe, and no master can tell you with complete confidence how your scar will turn out after the burn has healed. Yes, and the healing process is extremely difficult, because when branding affects the deep layers of the skin. Sometimes, in order to achieve a stronger keloid, the wound is specially irritated, not allowing it to heal immediately. Sometimes you have to repeat the procedure of branding, if the print is heterogeneous. Complete healing occurs in about a year, after which you can emphasize the scar with a tattoo.

If you decide to get rid of the scar obtained in this way, then it will be very problematic. Most likely, the acquired drawing will remain with you for the rest of your life.So, before deciding on a mark, it is worthwhile to weigh everything very well.


How to make a scar on the face or other open area more beautiful and neat? For this suitable cutting. It is produced by a thin medical scalpel, which makes an incision on the skin. The scar as a result turns out thin, not big. In the incision rubbed tattoo paint. In the end, everything looks like a voluminous tattoo. Sometimes they are not limited to one incision. To make the scar more deep, skin layers are removed, but not many people can endure this procedure.

Of course, this type of scarification is very painful and not safe, because you get an open wound, into which, without proper care, you can carry the infection, which is fraught with infection.

If you want to get a spectacular scar, how to make it you must decide together with a professional. In no case do not do the scarification yourself, otherwise you will not only not get the desired result, but you will certainly become a client of the local hospital. So it's not worth the risk. If you really decided to apply yourself a similar pattern, then by all means use a proven salon or the services of a competent wizard.

Artificial scar

If you do not want to brand yourself in the literal sense of the word, and you only need a scar for one evening, then you should think about how to make an artificial scar. In principle, in the so-called joke shops today a large number of all sorts of paraphernalia for Halloween is on sale: scars, fingers pierced with nails, eyes spilling out and other horror films. But if you have no time to spend on the purchase of these items either money or time, then you can solve the problem yourself with the help of available tools to make a scar on Halloween.

Method 1

For this you will need:

  • Medical glue (suitable glue for eyelashes or even PVA)
  • Foundation
  • Powder and brush

With the help of these simple tools, you can create a spectacular scar on any exposed part of the body.

  • Take the glue and squeeze it to the right place, spread it evenly. Give it a little grapple, just a couple of minutes.
  • Then with a finger, you begin to glue the glue at one end. You will get something like a flagellum.
  • When this flagellum is of sufficient size, you take the foundation and quietly, so as not to damage the "scar" smear it with cream.
  • In the final, you need to take powder and apply it with a large brush on the scar and skin around it, so that everything will be the same color.

Thus, you get a very realistic scar quickly and inexpensively.

You can also use make-up. How to make a scar using makeup? The technique is simple.

  • You have to draw a strip of scar with a cosmetic pencil.
  • Then apply a layer of medical glue over it. When dry, it will become transparent and give volume to the scar.
  • When everything is dry, pink make-up or matte shadows shade a place near the scar, so that it looks more believable.

Thus, the scars are easier to draw than to get. After all, such a decoration will remain with you forever, and you should definitely think about everything carefully before you go to the master of scarification. You should not risk your health for the sake of a simple whim.