How to make a tampon?

Alena Anisimova
Alena Anisimova
April 4, 2013

Very often, homemade tampons are used to treat various gynecological diseases, as well as in the treatment of wounds. To do this, they are impregnated with the necessary drugs, and then put (as a plan for the night). Your doctor will tell you more about the treatment regimen. To make a tampon by yourself is not difficult enough and does not take much time. To do this, before making a tampon, it is enough to buy a bandage and sterile cotton wool.

How to make a tampon from a bandage

Wash your hands thoroughly before making a tampon from the bandage. If you have the opportunity, better wear sterile gloves. Take the scissors and sanitize them. From a sterile bandage cut a strip length of 15-20cm. Take a cotton wool and roll it into a ball, the diameter of which will be 2-3cm. Fold the blank out of the bandage in half, and place the cotton ball between the layers. Tie the ends of the bandage. To form a tampon, you can use a thread, which is preferably treated with an alcohol solution before use.Tie the bandage under a cotton ball tightly with thread and leave the “tail” for which you remove the tampon after using it. Do not make too large a ball of cotton, as you will get a large tampon, which you will find difficult to place. Also, the tampon should not be too small, because it does not fit the required amount of the drug.

How to make a cotton swab

Take a piece of cotton wool, give it a tampon shape, then wrap it well with a thread, leaving a small “tail”. Saturate the tampon with medication and inject it. If you need a cotton swab to treat the wound, then soak it in a disinfectant, then lightly clean the wound.