How to make a toy?

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How to make a toy?

Currently, store shelves offer a huge selection of soft toys. But, unfortunately, some of these toys can be made of tissues harmful to the child’s body. What to do in this case? The answer suggests itself - to make a soft toy with their own hands. Every caring parent can make a toy that will not be dangerous for the baby, as well as taking into account all his preferences.

If your child likes to play with dolls, you can sew a sock doll for him. If he loves animals, then make him a soft bunny or a bear. And most importantly - you can connect your child to the process of creating a toy. Options for sewing soft toys are varied. Let's take a look at how to make a soft toy with your own hands.

Tools and materials

In order to create a soft toy will need:

  • Shreds of various fabrics, leather, lace, fur, felt
  • Colored ribbons
  • Threads of different colors and strength
  • Pattern Cardboard
  • Wire for toy frame
  • Filler: cotton, synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, holofiber
  • Beads, buttons, beads
  • Needles, thimbles, scissors
  • Iron and sewing machine
  • Awl
  • Copy paper
  • Ruler


Patterns for creating soft toys can be found on the Internet, specialized sewing stores or create a pattern yourself. If your child has a favorite toy that eventually worn out and lost its beautiful appearance, you can simply update it. To do this, unplug the toy, circle its parts on a new cloth, then cut them out, sew and fill with padding polyester or other filling material. You can see detailed photo schemes for creating original soft toys at the following links:


For the manufacture of soft toys, as a rule, the following fabrics are used:

  • Knitted fabric. Since it is well stretched, it can be used to very easily sew almost any soft toy - soft cubes, balls, hares, clowns, horses, etc.
  • Faux fur with long and short nap. It is great for making various animal pillows.
  • Silk fabric. It has a flowing and very delicate texture.Sewing a toy out of such fabric is very difficult, since it slips in your hands. However, silk fabric is simply indispensable for the manufacture of various original dresses for dolls, trimming clothes and creating appliqués.
  • Cotton fabric. The chintz or satin is distinguished by its brightness and extraordinary colorful pictures. From them you can easily create unusual, fun toys. And in order to sew the animals with a soft "fur" is to use flannel or terry cloth.
  • Wool fabric. Pile, smooth, dense wool fabric, as nothing better suited to create soft toys, animals and various pillows.
  • Velvet and velor. These fabrics are covered with a nice thick and silky pile. They make great stuffed animals like the hare, fox or bear.
  • Felted fabric. Crafts made of felt look very interesting. This fabric is very durable and not loose, so its edges do not require overlapping. It is very convenient to use felt to create various small elements and parts of the toy - legs, eyes, beaks, forefingers, tails, noses.

Algorithm for creating soft toys

Consider the algorithm, how to make a toy with your own hands.

  • The choice of material and its preparation for work: washing, steaming, ironing.
  • Cutting the details of toys.
  • Basting.
  • Firmware of all parts of soft toys.
  • Stuffing filler.
  • Assembly and firmware.
  • The final design of soft toys.

Soft toy "Funny Heart"

Consider in detail how to make a toy "Funny Heart". It will definitely have to “please” your baby, and, besides this, this toy will serve as an excellent gift for Valentine's Day or a wedding anniversary. The peculiarity of this toy is that it can be sewn absolutely any size and it will be made absolutely easy. You can make a small miniature heart or sew a heart of enormous size.


So, for the manufacture of toys "Funny heart" will need:

  • Bright fabric
  • Sintepon or any other filler
  • Threads and needle
  • Various decorative items to decorate the product
  • Cardboard and scissors


  • First you should make a pattern. It is very simple. You need to take a large sheet of cardboard, draw on it the heart of the size you need, and then draw on the sides of the pen.When making the pattern, do not forget to leave 3 centimeters for seam allowances.
  • Now you need to cut out from the fabric two identical parts and connect them with the front sides. Then follow the contour seams. Do not forget to leave a hole in the bottom of the heart equal to 10 centimeters. It is necessary in order to be able to twist a heart after stitching the crown and fill it with filler. After that, this hole should sew a secret seam.
  • At the end of the process of creating a toy you need to decorate it with all sorts of beads, beads or satin ribbons. You can even sew him funny eyes and a smiling mouth, and put on your hand an original bracelet, which can also serve as an excellent gift.

At the end of the process of creating a toy you need to decorate it with all sorts of beads, beads or satin ribbons. You can even sew him funny eyes and a smiling mouth, and put on your hand an original bracelet, which can also serve as an excellent gift.

Now you know how to make a toy with your own hands. Of course, for this you need to stock up on not only the necessary material, patterns and algorithm of action, but also patience, especially if you decide to make a toy of silk.Do not be afraid to experiment, it is unlikely that someone will be able to achieve the desired result the first time, but you should not despair. The next time will definitely get better. Imagine the joy of your baby when he picks up a toy made not by anyone, but by his own mother. Good luck to you!