Adobe Photoshop is the product that is sure to come in handy for creating interesting images or editing photos. With the help of Photoshop, you can realize your creative potential or develop your professional skills, if you, for example, are a designer. Today’s lesson about using Photoshop is about labels and how to correctly place them. So:

How to make an inscription in Photoshop?

At first glance, the task of writing the text in a picture or photo seems more than simple. And indeed it is. To create an inscription, select the icon in the form of the letter "T" in the toolbar. In the window that appears, you must enter the desired text and click on the empty space to pin it on the image. But what is the matter? Why these letters do not fit into the general background and mood of the photo? This is where the difficulties begin. The text should not only be, that is, be present in the photo, it should also be combined with the general mood of the image. But this task is not the easiest.However, do not be discouraged and fold your arms after the first failures. Photoshop has powerful features that will help turn your text on the image into a work of art, or just make it adequate, and most importantly, readable.

To edit the written text, click on the area with it. Now we have the opportunity to somehow change the text and letters. You can control various parameters using the text editing toolbar, which is located above the work area. The first section is the font. Of the many options proposed, it is necessary to choose the font that would fully meet your objectives when creating the final image. To select a font, click on the arrow next to the name of the last font used. Be careful. Only selected printed text is edited. If the text is already written, to change it you need to select it. Suppose that you have decided on the font. Moving on to make an inscription in Photoshop.

The next option is the font size, which is indicated by numbers.The larger the number, the larger the size. Try to make the inscription look harmoniously on the entire image. Its size should not exceed the size of the largest objects in the picture or photo. However, in this case, only your imagination can dictate the rules. The next small window helps us to choose the nature of the display text. Choose different options and you will understand what kind of character is suitable for your image.

The following option will help determine the text color. It is very important to create the final design of the image. The color of the letters should correspond to the whole image, and most importantly, its idea. Now, dear reader, you can experiment on your own with the rest of the text editing features offered by Photoshop.

We will talk a little about the use of different backgrounds when placing text on the image. It is better to place the inscription on a uniform background. Thus, the text will be visible, and the picture will be clear as a whole. All images of large objects such as sky, water, clouds, and so on can serve as a uniform background. Any text on a uniform background is understandable and readable.So you need to do the inscription in Photoshop.

The most important tool for editing text is called by double clicking on the image layer, which is located in the list of layers. With the help of the window that opens, you get the possibility of the finest tincture of the text image. It makes no sense to describe each of the options, as there are so many of them. Experiment and use your imagination. Remember that any action taken can be undone using the back arrow icon.