How to make an installation flash drive windows 7?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
September 18, 2014
How to make an installation flash drive windows 7?

Progress every year is becoming faster, a few years ago we could not imagine that floppy disks will disappear into oblivion, and today CDs are under the threat of "extinction" - still, because flash drives are much more convenient and compact. Many netbooks today are no longer equipped with CD-DVD drives. In general, this does not bring much inconvenience, but when it comes to reinstalling the system, which is usually performed from the disk, the user has a problem. However, it is very easily solved. So, how to make an installation flash drive for Windows 7?

There are quite a few ways to accomplish this task, but we will consider the most simple and accessible.

We will need

  • a computer with any Windows installed on it;
  • USB flash drive with a capacity of 4 GB or more;
  • UltraISO program;
  • Windows 7 image in ISO format.

So let's start the work:

  1. Open the UltraISO program, click on the “File” tab, then in the drop-down menu - the item “Open”. In the window that appears, look for the image, select it, click "Open".
  2. Now in UltraISO, select the “Bootable” tab (Startup), in the drop-down menu - “Write Disk Image ...” (Write a hard disk image ...). We control window settings: in the “Disk Drive” field your flash drive should be indicated, in the “Write Method:” field - “USB-HDD +”.
  3. Format the USB flash drive. In the same window "Write Disk Image ..." choose the button "Format" (Formatting). In the window that appears in the "File System" menu, select the value "NTFS", click the "Start" button. A warning window will immediately appear notifying that this process will destroy all data on the flash drive, and if, as they say, there is nothing to lose, click the "OK" button in this window.
  4. When the formatting process is finished, a corresponding window will appear informing you of this. Close it. Thus, in front of us again there will be only the “Write Disk Image ...” window; click the “Write” button in it. As soon as the recording process is over, the job will be done.

It’s so easy to solve at first glance a difficult task, and it turns out that it’s very easy to make a windows 7 installation flash drive, it would be right software at hand. Speaking of it: the UltraISO program is best downloaded on the official website.