How to make an opening in the wall?

Quite often, many people do not like the layout of their apartment, thus they are trying to make maximum use of their area. And as the maximum use the area of ​​the apartment, without destroying one of the walls. In high-rise buildings, it is forbidden to do this because you put all people above you in danger. But these precautions can be circumvented if done correctly.

For example, you need to make a doorway in the wall, thus you will make your apartment more comfortable and functional. But what to do when you need to interfere with the bearing wall. Before you start this kind of action, remember that everything must be done professionally (use the services of special teams, if you cannot do it yourself), with cold calculation and remember that one wrong manipulation - you can break the structure of the building, and this is very Really.

It is clear that if you need to make an opening in a brick wall, with a carrier, you must notify your neighbors, as well as your cooperative, enter them in the course of events so that everything is correct.Only after these important formalities, proceed to work.

The technique of making the opening

So, first of all, you need to figure out what size the opening will be (either it is a door or window opening). Next comes a series of questions regarding how to make an opening in the wall, what is needed for this, what tools and manipulations? We will try to give answers to these questions in the form of a step-by-step action algorithm.

  • The most important thing you should take care of is the jumper, which will restrain the mass of the wall (above and on the sides of the jumper). It’s easy to make the opening, but it can be difficult to calculate the strength of the jumper and the correctness of its installation. To solve this problem, you need a steel lintel. Or two channels connected by bolts, the distance between the bolts should be approximately 50 cm, their diameter should be 2 cm. The jumper should enter the supporting wall with a margin on the sides of up to 50 centimeters from the edge of the opening.
  • After that, you must mark the main contour of your opening. Try to get to the places where the seam between the bricks passes, so it will be easier for you to make an opening in the wall so as not to chop up the brick, and then not to level the slope.Do not forget to drill holes in the corners of the future niche in order to be oriented on the size of the opening on the other side of the wall.
  • Start to remove the plaster to "bare" the brick and see how well you have thought out the location of the opening (niche). Once again, try to get into the seams between the bricks.
  • The next stage is knocking out or digging a niche. Do this without very sharp movements, methodically wielding a hammer and chisel, knock bricks. Having knocked out the opening, using a mortar, begin to strengthen the jumper. After that, make supports to secure the jumper that will hold your entire structure. Supports make of U-shaped profile, so that the area was larger. Fix the supports with bolts and nuts into the corresponding holes in the jumper, and pull the entire structure as tight as possible.
  • On the slopes of your doorway you need to put a reinforced mesh, then again cement mortar (to strengthen). The final touch is plastering, if necessary weatherizing the opening.

Thus, you now know how to make an opening in the bearing wall. Good luck in construction!