How to make concrete


To avoid problems in the production of concrete, you need to carefully plan the project in which it will be used. Accurately determine the dimensions of the area to be concreted, put it in the plan, provide for a drainage system appropriate for its size.

Raw material

For the production of concrete it is necessary to use portland cement of the 1st or 2nd type. The first of these is general purpose cement, the second contains moderate amounts of sulphates and is used in aquatic and earthen environments. You will also need sand, gravel and water.

Manufacturing tank

If you are implementing a small project, you can independently make a container for mixing the ingredients, it can be made from ordinary boards. Another option is to purchase a small container, such as a car. If you need a large amount of concrete, consider the possibility of renting or buying a special concrete mixer.

The form

In order to prevent the spreading of concrete, it is necessary to build a special form of boards.When making this shape, make sure that the fastenings between the boards are secure and the boards themselves are strong enough to support the weight of concrete. Make sure that the form is set smoothly, use a level for this. Be sure to observe the dimensions of the future concrete structure, use for this construction plan.

Mixing ingredients

Prepare a dry mix of sand and cement. To do this, mix cement and sand in a 1: 2 ratio. To the mixture, add crushed stone from a ratio of 1: 5. Crushed stone will not spoil the strength characteristics of concrete, however, make sure that the cement mixture is enough to create a mass of gluing rubble. Excess rubble can also lead to irregularities on the concrete surface. Gradually fill the solution with water, achieving the required level of plasticity of concrete. Continue stirring the mixture until the mass is homogenous until dry bubbles remain. This process may take about 1-2 minutes, then the process of hydration will begin, which will cause the concrete to harden.


Pour the prepared mixture into the cooked form. Do this in such a way that there are no voids left, the concrete is flat and exactly occupies all its space. Use a flat wooden board for this.At the end of the process, the surface of the concrete should be flat and smooth.


When you finish pouring concrete, leave it for a while to freeze.