How to make detailing Beeline?

Lidia Karayants
Lidia Karayants
February 19, 2013
How to make detailing Beeline?

To get full information on the expenditure of funds on your mobile account and find out the numbers dialed or incoming calls, use the detail service. To obtain such a service, individuals can take advantage of this opportunity on the official Beeline website.

Quick Detail Stages

How to make detailed Beeline quickly and without wasting time, you can learn by studying a few of the steps below:

  • dial on your mobile phone the combination * 110 * 9 #, remember the password to enter the system;
  • having opened the page, fill in the “login” and “password” fields with your phone number, it should be 10 digits, and the password previously sent, respectively;
  • Sign in
  • having familiarized with the terms of its use and agreeing with them, press the “execute” button;
  • in the “service management” page that opens, find and go to the “users” tab, where in the “phone list” table find your own phone number;
  • in the "information" field, click on the "view" button and go to the "call detail report" at the bottom of the page.

Setting a specific period of detail

How to make the call detailing of Beeline, you can find out in the window “call detail request”. Here you can also select the desired time period, order the receipt of detail monthly, or see a report on the previously requested detail.

You will need to contact one of the official Beeline offices to get the details for a few days, having your passport with you.

One-time detail you get on the site. There you can download it in the section formed details.

Information about the cost of the service you will see in the names of the query windows.