How to make hair strong and silky

You will need
  • For firming mask:
  • - Burr oil.
  • To restore damaged hair:
  • - tea tree oil;
  • - decoction of chamomile flowers.
  • To moisturize the scalp:
  • - Sesame oil.
A frequent cause of an unhealthy type of hair is insufficient nutrition of the scalp. This is especially pronounced in the autumn-winter period, when, against the background of a lack of vitamins in the body, the hair becomes dull, naughty and over-fall. It is possible to restore the condition of the scalp and hair with the help of nourishing masks and balms. Shampoos and balms based on the placenta have a good effect. They contain almost all the necessary nutrients that strengthen the hair roots.
Medicinal plant based products can also improve the condition of your hair. Significant strengthening effect has burdock oil. It can be purchased at the pharmacy. Heat the oil in a water bath and rub into the roots.Then wrap the head with a towel for 5-6 hours. Wash your hair with a shampoo based on healthy herbs. Such procedures should be carried out at least once a week.
Hair may look dull with excessive oily scalp and dry ends. At the same time, they always split and break. This state arises as a result of the negative impact of environmental factors, including dyeing agents. It should be more responsible approach to the choice of hair dye. The best option would be the absence of ammonium compounds.
Damaged hair can be revived with tea tree oil. In the amount of shampoo that you wash your head, add five drops of tea tree oil. After washing, rinse the hair with a decoction of chamomile. Hair after such procedures will become soft and silky.
The appearance of dandruff indicates a lack of hydration of the scalp. In this case, the scales of the hair diverge to the sides and break off.
In such cases, sesame oil will help. Daily rub it into the scalp and leave under a towel for 15 minutes. After a few days of such procedures, nothing will remind you of a recent trouble.