How to make perfect skin in Photoshop?

How much we store photos on a computer that we don�t really like because of unsuccessful lighting, background, or simply because of pimples on the face. I propose to talk today about the latest and make perfect skin in Photoshop: with beautiful color, even tone, no flaws! But here's another problem ... what will be the beauty, if the image becomes not natural, like a puppet. And with these today we will learn to fight.

Photoshop: how to make perfect skin

As it has already become clear, we will work with the Photoshop program. If it is installed on your PC, you can safely open it and insert a photo there. If the program is not there, then you can make the perfect skin in Photoshop online here (), and very quickly!

Method 1 - How to make perfect skin in Photoshop

  1. Open the image in Photoshop. File - open (open). In online photoshop - download the image from your computer.
  2. In the layers menu (right), right-click on the layer icon and duplicate our single layer (Duplicate layer).
  3. Now make sure that you are exactly on the duplicated layer, and then in the filters choose �Blur according to Gauss� (Blur - Gaussin blur).
  4. In the window that appears, set the radius (number of pixels). For different photos it will be different. Pick up the number of pixels so that there are no flaws on the face, do not worry, everything except the skin will then be as before.
  5. After that, right-click on the icon of the blurred layer and select "add layer mask".
  6. From the tools we take a brush, in its parameters at the top we set the softness more and the required diameter. Color let it be white. We spend on the skin and enjoy the result of the perfect skin in Photoshop.
  7. Do not forget to merge (merge) layers. And only now you can save the finished photo.

Method 2 - how to make perfect skin in Photoshop

This method is useful to remove individual defects without smoothing the entire skin of the face. For example, it is necessary to remove acne, wart, mole.

  1. Similarly, open the image in Photoshop.
  2. Select the tool "Healing brush tools". This healing brush can be found in the additional menu of patch tools, red eye tool.
  3. Define the parameters of the brush by clicking at the top of the "brush".We select the desired diameter and soft brush (spacing).
  4. Move the cursor over the area around the nasty part where the skin is perfect. Hold down the alt key and make a left-click.
  5. Now without the alt key, we direct it to a pimple (mole) and click on it. Thus, you can remove all the flaws of the skin. To make the result look natural, it is better to make the brush softer and choose areas of beautiful skin as close as possible to what needs to be corrected.

Method 3 - How to make perfect skin in Photoshop

With blurring over gauss, you can make perfect skin in Photoshop in a faster way, but be careful here, don't overdo it with artificiality in photography.

  1. All also open the photo to be edited.
  2. Duplicate the layer in the "layers" menu on the right side.
  3. We apply a Gaussian Blur filter on a new layer.
  4. From the tools, select the eraser tool.
  5. We need again the softest brush. With a diameter, determine depending on the image.
  6. Now we erase everything on the photo except the face and neck.
  7. Let's make the image more natural. To do this, set the transparency (opaciti) smaller. It is difficult to say the exact percentage without seeing your photo.Focus on the result.
  8. Finally, we merge the layers, the perfect skin in Photoshop in front of you!

After you achieve the result, we advise you to play with the levels (ctrl + L). Pull the sliders to each other, watching the changes in the image.