How to make sour cream?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
April 1, 2013
How to make sour cream?

Cooking now is sheer fun. One has only to look at the Internet, and you can find a lot of unusual recipes from around the world. However, everyone's favorite traditional dishes from the "repertoire" of our mothers and grandmothers remain. These include and still popular cream of sour cream. And how to make sour cream?

Secrets of a good cream

Sour cream attracts not only the simplicity of preparation. It has an excellent taste and makes sweet dishes slightly sour.

For the cream will need sour cream and sugar - that's all. If you need to saturate the dense cake crust well, you can take 15% fat: the cream will be more liquid. To make the cream airy, it is well whipped - you will need sour cream 20-30% fat.

Homemade sour cream is not worth it. It is too fat, and it is easy to kill - you get oil.

Sugar is better to take smaller, sour cream must be cooled.

Cream recipes

How to make a cream of sour cream and sugar? They should just be whipped (better with a mixer) until thick. At 400 g sour cream is taken a glass of sugar. You can add vanilla.But be careful with its quantity: the cream can bitter

If sour cream is watery, it should be drained. Place a gauze-covered colander on the container. Put sour cream, leave for a while, until excess liquid will drain. To get more liquid, you can pour a spoonful of coarse salt at the bottom of the tank.

The chocolate flavor will be given to the cream by adding cocoa powder mixed with sugar at the end. You can add a little berry syrup to change the taste and color.

How to make sour cream thick? The cream will turn out like a soufflé if you add pre-soaked gelatin. It is poured in a thin stream while beating.

Sour cream can make custard. Mix sour cream (300 g), egg and sugar (150 g) in a water bath. Gradually add 2 tbsp. flour, cook until thick. Then cool and add butter (200 g). This cream is suitable for eclairs.