How to make valentines?

It has long been known that the most important holiday for all couples in love is Valentine's Day. On this holiday, it is customary to congratulate your loved ones, to give flowers, candy, a variety of romantic gifts. That very day young people gain courage and make offers of their hands and hearts to their girls. However, the most ancient and most desirable gift on this day is a postcard or as it is called "Valentine". How to make a valentine? It can be purchased without any difficulties in the store, and you can put your soul into your own creation.

How to make valentines for loved ones, so that they are not banal, but original and beautiful, the task is not simple. You can, of course, go the easy way and for those who really do not want to create, there is always a version of a paper cut out of paper, which in itself is already a valentine. Of course, then you have to pretty much break your head over the text, so that the greeting could please your beloved and compensate for the lack of imagination. Those who are not afraid of difficulties and in childhood loved to go to work and drawing lessons should be armed with glue, colored paper, various means at hand and to act.

First option

There is a kind of paper handmade, as "quilling". This is an old English art that was popular with medieval nuns. Its essence consisted in winding strips of paper on a quill pen and creating various compositions of the resulting leaves. It can be used for postcards. To begin with, we take a piece of cardboard, it can be cut out in the shape of a rectangle, it is possible, traditionally, in the shape of a heart, to be folded into a booklet. When the base is ready, proceed to the preparation of details. We take not dense, colored paper, wind it around, for example, toothpicks, after, remove from the base and leave in a twisted form. We make a lot of such blanks. It is possible one color, it is possible different. If, for example, we take more and more red leaves, then putting the twisted leaves in the shape of a heart and sticking them on the PVA will result in a postcard. Of course, it will not represent a special originality in terms of ideas, but at least it will look quite original. You can show great imagination, for example, by adding swirling leaves in the shape of boats, you get excellent petals and leaves for flowers.Having laid out daisies and roses, even orchids, you can get a wonderful basis for love confession. Another version of the composition, the word "Love" or "Love", is simple, but romantic.

Second option

How to make valentines to distinguish originality? Postcard - puzzle. Her idea, rather, not even in what is depicted on the card, it is important to come up with a romantic and special message, writing it on the other side of the card. The basis may even be a purchased valentine from a store, although the ideal option is to draw something on the cardboard. So, we take a card, we write everything that is planned and cut it into fragments. You can use a variant of the traditional form of puzzles, and you can simply cut it into geometric shapes. Then, most interestingly, the pieces of the postcard can be hidden all over the house and the beloved or beloved will be able to collect the long-awaited message after intensive searches in special places in the apartment. This will help raise your spirits and switch your thoughts to a romantic mood, especially if you accompany the search with clues for which you will need to “pay off” with kisses.

You can show even more imagination and make a postcard - lollipop.This will require cardboard, a cocktail stick, beads and a lot of glue. So, we take a thick cardboard, fold it in half and cut out the conceived figure from it. Universal option, again, heart, and you can just circle. When the base is ready, we coat the two halves thickly with glue, put a cocktail tube or a flattened piece of cardboard and glue them together. It turned out lollipop. You can decorate it in different ways. Take the beads, and put it on the side with glue, put it in the form of words or a picture. You can simply paint it to your taste, you can write a lot of pleasant words to your loved one, everything is simple.

Fans of origami can fold a volumetric heart out of paper, you get a wonderful, in-kind, postcard. Also look great postcards - little books, where a few pages are written declarations of love. Everything, by and large, depends only on imagination and how to make valentines is a private matter of each lover. No matter what it will be, it is important that it is created and presented, it will be from the heart, with love. Find out how to make valentines? Then it's worth a try!