How to meet a boy?

From the age of 13, girls start dating and getting to know boys, and some even earlier. Although at this age it is still impossible to appreciate all the nuances of adult life, but the guys are already beginning to fall in love and show sympathy. In adolescence, boys are not as open and ready for relationships as girls. To walk and hold hands, invite for dates - this is in the background. But the primary are sports, games and other activities. It is necessary to know and understand those girls who are wondering how to get to know the boy.

Where to meet?

Nowadays, the most relevant place for dating is social networks. Not those dating sites that are intended for older people, but networks, in which they simply communicate and chat with friends. You can find those boys who live in the same city as you, apply for a friendship and meet by correspondence. It is only necessary to designate the age frame, for example: I will get acquainted with a boy of 13 years. Otherwise, you risk running into trouble.

A great place to meet is the school. Although the study has not been canceled and you need to focus on it, there are changes and holidays. There are probably boys of your age at school or those who are older by a year. You can get acquainted with them without problems, because you know their habits and preferences. Ads in newspapers like these: I will get acquainted with a boy of 14 years old, you should not give it. Nowadays it is not safe, how do you know exactly who will respond to your ad?

You can meet in the sections or in circles, for example, by signing up for basketball or somewhere else in another place suitable for both boys and girls. For example, it can be dancing or swimming. Being engaged in the same business, you can not just improve your health, but also meet the boys who are interested in something useful. Such dating is very simple, since you already have common interests.

How to behave?

If you decide to approach the boy you like and get to know him, you need to know how to behave. No need to look too catchy and vulgar, using profanity or wearing a mini skirt.You need to behave naturally, not trying to impersonate a person that you are not. Anyway, the guy will know your character and real look when you talk for a while. Being yourself is the main rule. If he doesn’t accept you the way you are, he will definitely not suit you, and in this case don’t waste time on him, there are other boys around.

Do not behave extremely unleashed. The guy likes that girl who doesn't reveal her “me” completely. If the boy you did not like, and this may also be, the extra obsession will only repel him more. Do not insist, do not impose. This is the second main rule. I want to get acquainted with the boy, no matter what! Thinking so, you will never make a good acquaintance with a boy. Guys - people are fearful, you will not take them with the pressure.

How to behave properly when meeting a boy? Be friendly, smile, unobtrusively take the initiative. There is nothing to worry about if you first ask: “What is your name?”. The main thing that you do not look persistent and assertive.If the boy answers you, while smiling, then all is well, you can continue the conversation. If he is not sociable, frowns and snaps, or even laughs at you altogether, give up trying to meet and just walk away.

What should I say?

Making conversation is easy. You shouldn’t say “on the forehead” that you like a guy, that you want to walk with him. Common phrases about how things are, what their names are, how the mood is a classic, not outdated vulgarity. Be sure to ask what the guy likes. You may have a lot in common, such as cinema, music, and hobbies. Perhaps you play the same computer games, ride bicycles. This is a great excuse to start a conversation, exchange information. And if you offer to skate or roller skate together or something like that (look at the situation), this will prolong the acquaintance, will help to start a relationship.