How to open a gym

You will need
  • - a room on the first floor with an area of ​​100-200 square meters;
  • - registration of IP, permits from the fire inspection and Rospotrebnadzor;
  • - a set of sports equipment, professionally mounted, with the possibility of warranty service;
  • - 2-3 trainers working on an hourly pay system.
Start by searching for a room that is suitable for a small gymnasium, having thoroughly studied the life and customs of the residents of your chosen area. If young families who lead an active lifestyle predominate among them, and there is not a single sports club nearby, then the place is undoubtedly well chosen. The minimum area required for gym equipment is 100 square meters, but it is better, if it is possible, to rent a room twice as large.
Register your undertaking when the place and premises for the sports club is already selected - it is enough just to arrange individual entrepreneurship.There is no compulsory licensing for the fitness club, but we will have to face the fire inspectorate and Rospotrebnadzor - it is necessary to coordinate equipment with them even at several stages of preparing the center for opening.
Order equipment for your gym, focusing primarily on its quality, since good exercise equipment is a direct key to success and prosperity of your club. Try to negotiate with the supplier of the equipment about the qualified installation of the simulators and their further warranty service. The purchase of simulators at the start of your club will be the most expensive item, and you can not save on the purchase of equipment in any case.
Organize a search for qualified personnel for your fitness center - among the many trainers, finding the truly experienced and qualified is not so easy. Try to take instructors to work on the recommendations, and subsequently conduct surveys among your clients, determining their degree of satisfaction with the level of skill of a specialist. It is much easier to choose an administrator for a sports club, but at first it is better to assume this role in general.
Helpful advice
Over time, try to expand the range of services provided in your establishment - equip a solarium, a massage room, a mini-hairdresser with a manicure in the club.
Conclude a lease only for a long term, disagreeing with the proposal of the owner of the premises to rent the area for a year, and then extend the lease term - the owner can refuse you almost at any time if his plans change.