How to open the lid of the tablet?

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How to open the lid of the tablet?

Many tablets externally create the impression of solidity. No clips or screws are visible, only various connectors and buttons. It is clear that this is a deceptive impression, but, nevertheless, it’s not easy to figure out how to open the tablet lid. Check out our recommendations and you can do it.

Before proceeding with the disassembly of the tablet, you need to think about whether this is necessary. If you do not have the skills to work with electronics, it is better to immediately take your device to a specialist. You are unlikely to solve a problem, and to damage something inside is easy.

For many, the purpose of removing the cover is to replace the battery. But unlike laptops and cell phones, in the tablets it is soldered to the motherboard. If you know how to very carefully solder, you can try to disassemble your device. Otherwise, this is not worth doing.

Open the lid

Open the back cover of any tablet is not very easy, so let's try to understand the basic stages of work.If you are the owner of a rare model, it is better to read the relevant recommendations on specialized forums or to seek help from a specialist.

For work you will need:

  • a set of screwdrivers, including a straight, cross-shaped, three-and six-sided;
  • guitar pick or plastic card;
  • heat gun


  1. First of all, take a good look at the tablet. Before removing the back cover, many models need to unscrew the screws or unclip the retaining clips. The clips are likely to be noticed, but the screws can be hidden under rubber plugs. If you see such, then carefully pick up and check if there are no screws under them.
  2. Screws detected. Pick the right one in your set of screwdrivers and unscrew them. If there are latches, unlatch them.
  3. Now begins a very hard work. Slowly pick up the tablet cover with a mediator or a plastic card. It is necessary to do this with extreme caution so as not to damage the fragile components of the equipment. In most cases, the work of removing the back panel on this and ends. But there are models that are difficult to open.

Difficulties in removing the cover

Apparatuses that are difficult to open include Apple products. Tablets of this type are very difficult to understand, so think carefully before doing this. In some models for additional fixation and protection from non-service maintenance, the back panel is mounted on glue. This is where the thermofan comes in handy:

  1. Turn it on and blow off the joints of the tablet.
  2. We try to remove the back cover, picking it up with mediators.
  3. If the cover separates badly, then as the work progresses every 3-4 cm, we leave the mediator between the back wall and the screen. The main thing is to remember that work should be done slowly and carefully. Then everything will work out.