How to order an extract from the registry

To obtain information about the company contained in the state register, you need to make a letter of request to the territorial tax authority. The letter must indicate the name of the enterprise and its organizational and legal form.
Write in the text of the letter the main state registration number of the legal entity (OGRN), taxpayer identification number (TIN) and registration reason code (CAT). The request is made in a free form with an indication of the purposes for which an extract fromregistry, signed by the head and sealed by the company.
This request can be submitted personally to the tax authority or sent by mail. The deadline for issuing an extract is five working days. For urgent discharge fromregistry(receipt on the next business day) you must pay a state fee through Sberbank of Russia and attach a receipt with a bank note to the request.
To orderstatementcan and through the Internet.In this way, you can get data only about your own enterprise. Go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate and fill out the form in the “Generate new application” mode. Be sure to include the main state registration number of the legal entity (OGRN) and the way you want to getstatement.
By electronic request, an extract from the stateregistrycan be provided in three ways. The first is via the Internet. This statement contains data fromregistry, open to the public, it does not include passport data, information on current accounts and addresses of individuals. This statement has no stamps of the tax authority.
To obtainstatementwith marks IFSN, you need to pick it up personally. You can also choose the method of receiving the "mailing", then it will come to the address of the legal entity. In the "View the processing status of previously submitted applications," you can track the progress of your application.