How to organize a concert?

It's no secret that in the world of music there is always a place to be competition. But despite this, there are still people who have an interest in organizing concerts and music festivals. And if you, too, sometimes thought about how to make a concert, then for you it would not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with a simple scheme of organizing concerts for beginners.

First you need to:

  • No budget
  • Knowledge of local groups or contacts through which you can invite stars
  • Friends wishing to offer help
  • Sociability, without it
  • A designer who will be busy with design issues.
  • Computer with Internet access

Instructions for organizing a concert

  • Before you organize a concert, you need to conduct a small analysis of music venues and teams. This will require a computer with Internet access, thanks to which you will be able to go to specialized sites where you will learn a lot of information about groups and even be able to find contacts to contact them.
  • It is necessary to carefully consider the genre of the concert itself, and which venues for it will be more relevant, because the organization of concerts of stars has a completely different focus.
  • Decide on the teams that will be performing directly at your event. Prepare a list of teams that are most interested and write them a letter of proposal asking them to perform at your concert.
  • Further, when you already have a list of groups and some venues for the performance, you need to decide on the date of the concert. Weekends are considered the best time for absolutely any concert.
  • Promotional materials are simply indispensable for organizing any concert. These include flyers, posters, billboards, etc. And the designer will help them to develop them, because who can better know how to make a concert poster. You should make sure that you give the designer reliable information about the teams, dates, name and location of your event.
  • The bands that will participate in the concert can also help you. Simply give them a certain number of tickets for resale, naturally offer them a percentage of the tickets sold.This will help attract as many people as possible to the event.
  • It is necessary to promote events as much as possible, using posters and various leaflets. They can be distributed to musicians, who in turn will distribute them among their friends and fans. Also do not forget to hang a poster in the venue of the concert itself.

Important points in organizing concerts

Security is probably the most important point in the organization of concerts. That is why all the thoughts of the organizers about how to properly organize a concert should, first of all, be aimed at organizing all the necessary security measures for this event. And all because carrying out any kind of mass events carries some kind of hidden threat, because at the concert there is a very large amount of equipment that makes you think at least about fire protection.

In addition, even decorations are dangerous, because if their fastenings are not of high quality, they can collapse at any moment, which can harm the guests themselves. Often, in the performances of their concerts, the organizers use fire and light shows that require more caution and special safety rules.

Concert group organization

If you are thinking about how to organize a group concert, then you should know two main points that the visitors of the concert do not know, but you, as an organizer, must know.

  • The first is the fee, namely, how much the work of a group on the stage will cost you.
  • The second is a rider, or in simple terms, technical and living conditions. Usually it depends on the popularity of the team.

Classification of implementing groups

  • Widespread popularity in wide circles. Groups of such a plan collect stadiums, their fees are very high, the conditions of the rider are practically impossible to fulfill, but they will undoubtedly gather a full hall, from babies to pensioners.
  • Wide popularity in narrow circles. These are mostly successful groups that work in any style that is different from POP. Their fees, as a rule, are quite acceptable, and riders include several items.
  • Narrow popularity in wide circles. They have less success, unlike the groups from the first paragraph, but their fees are higher than those of the second paragraph, and the riders are listed on several sheets.
  • Narrow popularity in narrow circles.Virtually no one knows about them, although perhaps they have two released albums and one video clip in their money-box, which was shown on music channels a couple of times.

And if you are thinking about how to organize a concert with the participation of groups, then first you should use the services of groups that are widely popular in narrow circles. And if the event looks like a fest or session, then groups that have narrow popularity in narrow circles will do.

Of course, to ensure that your event does not consist of blunders and shortcomings, it is better to contact the proven organizers - professionals in their field.