How to overcome the fear of a fight: tips athletes

How to overcome the fear of a fight? A lot of guys thought about this question, who for some reason were involved in a conflict, which could not be resolved without a fight. Very often, fear appears even before seemingly weak opponents. What is the reason?

And the reason is that to overcome the fear of a fight is almost impossible. Even if you practice martial arts for several years, fear of a fight cannot be avoided. During the fight of fear may not be. But before her trembling in the body will be. Although not great, but still will.

Fear can be learned to overcome, you can get used to it, but the fear itself cannot be removed. If a person is not afraid, then he obviously has something wrong with his head.

Many guys are afraid of fights because they can not hit the enemy in the face and they themselves are afraid to get back. In this case, there is only one way out - to beat the fear of a fight, and, in particular, blows to the face, sign up for boxing, sambo,Thai boxing, karate, or other martial arts. Having worked there for about a year you can overcome some of your fears.

How to overcome the fear of a fight

How to overcome the fear of a fight: tips athletes

Bogdan, engaged in Thai boxing 2 years:

“I have been practicing Thai boxing for more than 2 years, and I still have not been afraid of fights. It's one thing when you stand in the ring: you know that the floor is not slippery, that you will fight one-on-one with the opponent, and if something happens wrong and you are defeated, you can always stop the fight or leave . Well, of course, that having been injured, no one will kill you. And on the street are very different rules .. They are not there. And it's not even so scary to die. It is more terrible to remain a cripple, a useless piece of meat that nobody needs .. If it has already come to a fight, try to go for the enemy with a bur. Let him hit first - adrenaline squirts into the blood, you will no longer feel the pain. Then show what you are capable of! Do not give up! Imagine a situation where you look into your own person's eyes, who found out that you chickened out before a fight, and did not protect him. It will cheer you up a bit. ”

Eugene, is engaged in kickboxing for 9 years:

"I never attacked and I do not understand how to attack first in a street fight. Most often either defended or defended someone. Before such a fight, fear is always present and it is because of fear that people lose their heads and fight like animals. Fear is trying to control, because because of him you can kill a person. "

Ruslan, boxer:

“My opinion is - it is impossible to overcome the fear, it is possible only before the start of the fight to slightly cheer myself up to be more confident in your abilities. I am engaged in boxing and every time before the fight I feel fear, because it always seems to me that I am not sufficiently prepared. Therefore, guys, practice in sparring, practice and practice again! Although it does not take away the fear of the fight, it will help you become more self-confident. "

The main problem of fights on the street is that most often you will not be opposed by 1 person, but several. If you go with a girl, then, in this case, it is better to avoid a fight, of course, and try first to protect the girl from these freaks. Can't avoid a conflict? Do everything so that your second half could escape to a safe place and call someone to help.

Everyone has fear, even your opponent, no matter how healthy he may seem. It is impossible to overcome the fear of a fight, but to learn how to control it is quite real! In general, try to avoid such conflicts. Whatever martial arts you do, they are unlikely to help you, against a puny opponent who has a knife or pistol in his pocket.

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