How to peel a pineapple, coconut, avocado and mango quickly and simply

In the period of colds it is extremely important to consume a large amount of vitamins. Fortunately, modern markets for food products are full of variety. On the shelves there are not only domestic, but also exotic, imported fruits. Here the question arises: how to properly and quickly clean the fancy fruit? This will be my article.


To obtain maximum benefit from the products used, careful selection and preliminary preparation must be carried out. Due to the large supply of exotic fruits on the market, it is worth knowing which fruits are best not to buy:

  • Dry or shriveled.
  • Not ripe.
  • Overripe.
  • With an unpleasant smell.
  • With mold.
  • Rotten.

Before use, be sure to wash the fruit, even if you do not consume it with the skin. Next, prepare a place and tools for cleaning. Each fruit has its own processing method.

How to peel a pineapple quickly and simply

Three Pineapples

To choose a delicious and sweet pineapple, pay attention to the heavy and dense fruit without external damage and without rot. Ripe pineapple optional yellow. It can be brown and green. There is one trick - the ripe fruit has dried leaves that easily lag behind. Ripe pineapple smells delicious!

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. The fruit is thoroughly mine.
  2. Remove leaves and bottom.
  3. We put vertically.
  4. We clean the rind with a special knife.
  5. After cleaning, check for the presence of cones. We delete them.
  6. Cut the pineapple into 4 pieces and remove the coarse core.
  7. The flesh can be cut in any way.
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How to peel mango bones and peels

Juicy and sweet mango can ruff the nerves of an inexperienced hostess. After all, it is very important to clean the fruit without losing the juice and pulp. However, there is nothing difficult in cleaning this exotic “guest”. The first is my fruit, then we clean it according to the following scheme.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Cut lengthwise into 3 parts.
  2. Take the skinned parts and make horizontal and vertical cuts.
  3. Carefully turn out the halves.
  4. The middle part is cut into cubes in the usual way.

Useful and juicy fruit is ready for use!

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How to peel an avocado

Another exotic fruit that has gained recognition in cooking. But before you clean it, you need to wash it, and then perform the steps.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Cut the avocado in the middle to the bone.
  2. Turn the halves in different directions. The stone remains in one part.
  3. With the blade of a large, sharp knife we ​​strike the bone so that it is stuck.
  4. Turn the knife along with the bone, and it is easily separated from the pulp.
  5. Remove the bone from the knife, holding a towel.
  6. Carefully cut the avocado pulp.
  7. Separate the flesh from the skin.
  8. Avocado - high-calorie fruit. On 100 g of the product - 160 kcal.
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How to easily clean the coconut at home

Coconuts have long delighted us with their unique taste, but not many people know how to choose them correctly. I propose to consider tips on choosing a coconut.

  • Coconut must be heavy.
  • Shake gurgling when shaken. If it seems that there is little liquid in it or it is not audible at all, you should give up the purchase.
  • Find three holes. Carefully inspect - they should not be white.Try pressing lightly. (A good coconut does not give in to pressure). If you feel that you can push it, set aside.
  • The shell must be hard. If, on examination, it began to be pressed through, the fruit inside was rotten. On the shell should not be cracks, oozing, white patches. The color should be brown. If the selected fruit is darker than the others, it is better to refrain from buying.
  • The fetus should not have any smell. Otherwise it may mean damage to the shell.
  • The pulp of the opened coconut is white and hard.

Perfect coconut selected. The next task is to open it without spilling the milk. Hammering is not worth it, the contents may spill.

We will need:

  • a hammer;
  • big nail;
  • pliers;
  • clean glass

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Note the three dark spots on one side of the coconut. Try to stick a nail in one of them. Two spots will be stubborn, and in the third, hammer a nail for a couple of centimeters.
  2. Using a pair of pliers, turn the nail several times to widen the hole, and then pull it out. Through the hole the milk will easily pour into the glass.
  3. Then you can begin to shelling the shell.Visually divide the coconut in length into three parts. And we begin to beat with a hammer next to the grooves until cracks appear.
  4. Then we share the nut with a knife. We select the flesh with the spoon. If the content does not give in, cut it in small pieces.
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The benefits of exotic fruits

Fresh exotic fruits contain vitamins, microelements, fiber and many other useful substances. Each instance has unique properties.

  • Avocadoreduces cholesterol levels, has a beneficial effect on the liver. Use it to prevent diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The fruit is nutritious, so it is popular with vegetarians.
  • A pineappleuseful for colds, neurosis and depression. Fruit is good for people with anemia. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract excessive consumption is not recommended.
  • Coconut milkhelps with severe nausea and dehydration.
  • Mangohas an antiviral effect, and its rejuvenating effect has been known for a long time.

In the modern world, where every second inhabitant of the planet is deficient in vitamins, it is necessary to diversify the diet of food consumed. Exotic fruits - tasty salvation and a storehouse of usefulness.And thanks to my advice, you now know how to cope with strange fruits at home.

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