How to plant an apple tree in the garden

A place to plant an apple tree is better to choose the sun, but at the same time it should be covered from a strong wind, so that insects would do nothing to pollinate the flowers when they appear. Some gardeners believe that the spring for planting a hole for planting trees in the spring is better. Others prefer to dig it a week before planting.

2 hours before placing the seedling in the ground, it must be dipped in water. It is necessary to prepare the pit so that its diameter is about 90 cm, depth - 80 cm. When taking out the ground, try to divide the upper layer and the lower layer into different piles. Before planting in the pit we fall asleep first the upper, fertile layer of earth. Sapling set in the middle of the pit, after straightening the roots. The earth must fill in the empty spaces between the roots.

Ram the ground - this must be done along the roots. Immediately after planting, pour a seedling - this will require 2 buckets of water. Watering must be repeated in a few days. To keep the water longer, make an earthen roller around the apple tree.You can also fill the space with sawdust. Next to the seedling, drive a peg into the ground for support and tie them together - this should not be done tightly.

If you plan to plant several trees, try to keep the same distance between them.