How to quickly clean the windows from dirt?

Through dirty windows it is unpleasant to look at the world from your home. And to be clean and shiny, you need to know how and what to wash them.

What is required for washing?

First, prepare all the necessary tools. Here's what you need:

  • Sponge or special wiper blade. The last option is the most convenient, because such a device is equipped with a handle and has a porous well-absorbing nozzle, which makes washing convenient and effective. The sponge is also quite suitable, but you can also use a special rag made of soft material, such as microfiber. Appliances with a rough texture should not be used: they can scratch the surface.
  • Detergent. You will learn about his choice a little later.
  • Bucket or basin. It is convenient to pour in it the chosen detergent dissolved in water. You can also prepare a container with clean water for the final wiping: it will be much more convenient, because you do not have to constantly go to the bathroom to wash a sponge or a rag.
  • Gloves.They are necessary to protect the nail plates and skin from the negative effects of detergent: some formulations are quite aggressive and can damage the skin.
  • A stool or a staircase if the windows are large and high. Both of these objects must be reliable and stable so that the washing procedure does not become traumatic.

Features of washing technology

Washing windows in an apartment or house is best done according to a certain technology. Consider the main steps:

  1. First, the so-called rough washing, involving the removal of the main dirt. For this, it is better to use a separate old sponge to immediately throw it away if it gets very dirty. If the contaminants are large and stale, then apply the product and wait a little for it to work and dissolve the coating covering the surface.
  2. Then completely remove the dirt.
  3. Start a clean wash. The concentration of detergent can be reduced to make it easier to wash off. Wash the composition from the window.
  4. Dry the window with a dry sponge or cloth. Polish it if necessary.

It matters how movements are made.To remove all dirt from the surface and avoid stains, randomness should be avoided: wash the main dirt vertically from top to bottom, as if by driving it away. When wiping the window dry, first move vertically and then horizontally: this will reduce the likelihood of staining.

Choice of means

How to wash windows quickly and without divorce? The result of washing depends on what it is done. The simplest, but often the most expensive option is the purchase of ready-made specialized tools in a hardware store or department. They are quite efficient and easy to use: they do not need to be prepared, and some packs are equipped with convenient dispensers or spray nozzles. The disadvantages include high cost, as well as aggressive components that make up the structure.

If you prefer folk remedies, then use one of the recipes below:

  • Prepare a soapy solution. You can make it from bath or laundry soap, rubbing it into a piece and dissolving it in warm water.
  • In a liter of warm water, dissolve five to seven tablespoons of 9% vinegar and wash the windows with this mixture.
  • In two liters of water three large spoons of liquid ammonia dissolve, which will clear the glass and make them shiny.
  • Prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate, which can also be used for cleaning.
  • In one and a half liters of water, dissolve one or two tablespoons of potato or corn starch.
  • Mix half a glass of vinegar and ammonia, add three large spoons of starch and pour this mixture into water in the amount of 3.5-4 liters.
  • Surprisingly, ordinary white chalk can be used for cleaning. Take about thirty grams, grind into powder and dissolve it in a glass of warm water. Treat the glass with this compound, and after a while wipe it all off with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Grease stains are perfectly removed with dishwashing detergent that dissolves in warm water.
  • In a liter of water, dissolve 100 ml of alcohol and enter a tablespoon of glycerin. This tool not only quickly cope with pollution, but also prevents the formation of condensate on the surface of the glass.
  • The traces left by insects are quickly removed with ordinary onions. Cut it in half and treat problem areas.
  • Cut the potato in half and process the glass with it: the juice and starch will dissolve the impurities.
  • In a glass of warm water, you can dilute two or three tablespoons of dental powder, if you have one.


Useful tips to make window cleaning easier, faster and more efficient:

  1. It is better to plan on washing windows on a cloudy and windless day, as due to wind and direct sunlight, the product applied to the glass will dry quickly and prematurely, leading to the appearance of stains.
  2. After the procedure, be sure to wipe the window dry, especially all metal elements, so that they do not rust due to moisture.
  3. After washing out the entire window, it is possible to lubricate the fittings with machine oil, and the rubber seals - with special silicone grease. Such simple manipulations will prolong the service life of windows and make their operation more pleasant.
  4. Do not use old rags with a long nap: it may remain on the glass and contaminate it.
  5. When choosing a detergent, consider the material from which the frame is made. So, plastic windows can be damaged under the influence of concentrated acids and abrasive components.And to avoid damage, you can pre-test the selected composition, causing a small amount of it on an imperceptible portion of the frame. If the material remains the same, the option is suitable. If it changes, it is better to choose another tool.
  6. In order to clean the entire window from dirt quickly and without problems, it is advisable to wash the frame first, since this part is usually more polluted. Then go directly to the glass.
  7. If the windows are very dirty outside, then for the outside it is desirable to use a separate old sponge so that you can throw it away. If there is no extra cloth, then wash the outer wash last, so as not to pollute the inside.
  8. Before winter, you can wipe the windows with saline, which protects against freezing.
  9. To polish the windows, you can wipe them with a crumpled newspaper, but with high-quality paint that will not remain on the glass.
  10. Do not forget about safety!

Now cleaning windows will be easier and more efficient, because in your arsenal there are a lot of effective tools.

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