How should read?

January 12, 2015
How should read?

In the modern world, having information means being successful. It is necessary to constantly learn, quickly learn new things, filter the right from the secondary. And all this - at a pace of high speeds and mad rhythms of city life.

They say that the human brain can recognize 1000 words per minute - an enviable activity. But this is the ideal. But in practice, an untrained person can read this thousand for several hours in a row, returning to what is written and trying to understand the meaning of the stated by the author. Especially if before the eyes of technical literature. How should one read in order to practically increase the productivity of obtaining new knowledge?

Checking the speed

First you need to check the current speed of your reading. For this you need to take an ordinary book of a standard format (A5), not too thick. Pages should flip easily. The text should be artistic, continuously located on sheets, without pictures, graphs, tables, technical terms. To measure the time using a stopwatch or timer.Read exactly one minute at your usual pace, when you understand the essence of what you read. Stop by timer sign. Count the number of words you read. This will be the speed of your reading at this stage.

Speed ​​reading

In ordinary reading, a person speaks words to himself, which significantly slows down the process. Try to master another technique. Do not pronounce words to yourself, but try to present the mental image of what is described in the book. At the same time look around the text, as if sliding along the center of the page from top to bottom. At the beginning of the exercise, you will understand not all that is written. But anyway, try not to fall for internal pronunciation. Don't expect it to be instant. Practicing for half an hour several times a day, you will surely achieve success in a month. But the speed of your reading (and the quality of perception of the text) will increase significantly. For details on this method, see How to read well.

Useful tips

  • Take the most comfortable position for reading. The back should be flat, the legs should not leak, the book should be at a distance of up to forty centimeters from the eyes.
  • Concentrate on the topic of the material. Read headlines and highlighted places. Examples and pictures are diagonally. It also increases speed.
  • When reading, breathe properly (deeply and rarely). Do not hold your breath and do not breathe too often with your mouth: excitement does not contribute to the absorption of the material.
  • Take short breaks in reading. It is necessary to stand, stretch, warm up, switch for a few minutes.