How to register?

All citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens who received permission to reside in the territory of the Russian Federation must register at the place of temporary stay or place of residence within a seven-day period. However, how to register, most people do not know. This will require a visit to the district migration service with pre-collected documents.

Register in our apartment

To register in the apartment, registered in the property, you must contact the migration service. She works in the housing department or in any district police station, if there is a passport office on the staff of the payee. Having addressed there from you, you will need to fill out an application on a form of a certain form, present a receipt for payment for registration, a general passport, a sheet of departure from the previous place of residence, when the permanent registration is made out. In addition, before you register in a house or apartment, you will need to show a certificate of ownership of this living space. In case you own an apartment,and you want to register your family members in it, then you will be required to give written permission for registration, and you must write it in the presence of the migration service officer. When the owner cannot be present in person when registering members of his family, a notarized permission to register will be required.

When there is no departure sheet

If for some reason you have not withdrawn from registration, and you do not have a check-out sheet, but you also want to get a permanent registration at a new address, then before you register to another apartment, you need to wait until the authorized officer of the migration service receives response to a request for a previous place of residence. As a result, you will be removed from registration automatically, and you will issue a permanent registration at the new address.

We register minors

In order to register minors from the owner of the housing does not even need permission to register. According to the law, all citizens under 18 can be registered at the place of residence of their parents, or of one of the parents, if they are divorced.In other words, if the registration was made under the permission of the owner of the property, then you have the right to register your child with you without any permission. However, if you live separately, you must present a notarized permission from the second parent and a certificate from the place of residence that the child is not registered with him.

Registration of temporary registration

In order to register in Moscow at the place of stay, you will need to present a passport and fill out an application form. It is worth noting that the temporary registration is valid for the terms that were indicated in the application, and as soon as they expire, the registration is terminated, so you do not even need to be removed from the register.

Attributed to the cottage

Many people want to register in the country, because they live there almost bezvylazno. However, it is very difficult to do. First of all, you will need to prove in court that you live in a residential area, which must be located on the territory of the settlement and have a foundation and walls, built with all safety standards. Therefore, you will need to make a residential examination.After that, you can go to the court, which will make a decision.