How to remove a reservation?

Vyacheslav Kim
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How to remove a reservation?

Of course, pre-ordering tickets and hotel rooms via the Internet is very convenient.

But sometimes circumstances force us to change our plans, and the trip has to be canceled. In this case, the reservation can and should be removed in order to avoid penalties and, if possible, not to lose the money already paid.

How to cancel a room reservation

Cancellation of the reservation is made according to the rules established by the administration of the hotel or hotel. Therefore, when making a preliminary order, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of the item on the cancellation of the reservation and the terms of refusal without penalty.

Cancel a reservation on time as possible on the site that provided the service, or by making a call directly to the hotel itself. If the time allotted for cancellation of an order without penalty measures is out, then in some cases it will be necessary to fill out and send the corresponding application to cancel the reservation. In this case, the penalty can be equal to one day of residence, or make a certain percentage of the total amount.

The deadline for a refund on an application can be up to two weeks, where 7 days are given for consideration of the application. However, in the case when there is no complete confidence in the possibility of making a trip, it is best to find a accommodation option with a free cancellation.

How to remove a ticket reservation

You can refuse to book tickets on the company's website or by phone, as well as directly through the ticket office. Cancellation of your reservation gives you the opportunity to receive money back or spend it on an equivalent purchase of a ticket for another day or route.

When booking tickets you need to pay attention to the conditions of the purchased fare. If the tariff implies a free reservation, then it will be canceled automatically upon expiration. Paid reservation provides a special form of refusal. However, the terms of such a reservation may include the payment of a fine and a penalty.

As a rule, the full cost of the reservation can be returned only in two cases:

  • with trip cancellation insurance;
  • with health problems and providing a supporting document.

Moreover, the validity of the insurance is valid no later than 24 hours before dispatch.

Situations when cancellation of a booked reservation is required happens to many, but not everyone pays attention to the conditions under which this service is provided.