How to remove a video, account or channel from YouTube

Despite the fact that removing videos from YouTube is a fairly simple process, not all Internet users know how to do this. Even more difficult is the situation with the removal of your own channel or account from YouTube, because it is always much faster to register than to leave the Internet resource forever. In fact, if you do not know how to delete an account in YouTube or get rid of the annoying movie, it’s enough to follow some simple instructions.

How to delete

How to delete a video from Youtube?

Removing videos from YouTube is the easiest. So:

  • go to the main page of the service (;
  • in the right upper part of the page there is a button “Enter”, click on it, enter your name and password;
  • after that the page will reload and you can see your name in the same place; click on it, a drop-down menu appears;
  • in the second line from the top there will be the option “Video Manager”, after clicking on which opens a list of all the videos you downloaded;
  • check the box opposite the video (or several), which you want to delete (is on the left);
  • Above the list there is an “Actions” button (“Actions” in the English version), click on it and a drop-down menu appears;
  • in the menu, click on the option "Delete" (first from the bottom); in the pop-up window, confirm the operation.

All removal was successful. Also, many do not know how to delete YouTube videos of another user who violated copyrights or resource rules. To do this, tell the technical support of the site why this video should be removed. Under each video there is a special flag, by clicking on which, you get to the corresponding menu. It is there where you can report a violation, and after checking the moderators will make their decision.

 How to remove a video from Youtube

Delete channel

If you don’t know how to delete a YouTube channel, do the following:

  • please log in (the process is described above);
  • Click on your name in the upper right corner, go to the "Overview" section;
  • having done this, click "Advanced" ("Advanced");
  • below is the "Delete Channel" button, press it;
  • then follow the instructions and tick where necessary.

Not everyone who thinks how to delete the YouTube channel knows that all their posts, videos and comments will disappear too.If you are willing to agree to this, you can continue.

Often the channel is tied to a profile on the social network Google+. Some users of the site are annoyed by this circumstance, but if less than 14 days have elapsed since the binding, there is a way out.

First, you need to log in to your YouTube account, then select the settings menu and click on the disconnect option from Google+.

 Delete channel