How to remove Steam?

"Who does not know what Steam is, he did not play in the COP" - a proverb for fans of such games as Counter-Strike, Halfe-Life. Steam itself represents a browser to update the games of the company “Valve” and everyone who is in partnership with it. Also in Steam you can view news from the same company “Valve”.

How to remove Steam: ways

Uninstalling Steam is exactly the same as deleting other programs, but unlike them, Steam will not disappear completely. How to remove Steam? So, you need to go to the "Add or Remove Programs" and just click "Remove." After deletion, we see that the files remain in the start-up, and for some reason they cannot be deleted. Steam - such a thing, one might say, inexplicable, once it will give one error, another time a second error. How to completely remove Steam? Very simple, using the program to delete files and clean the registry.

How to remove to stay servers

How to remove Steam from the computer? It's pretty easy, go back to the "Add or Remove Programs." We delete Steam, but again, in the Start, it remains, and your servers will be there. Then you can simply roll back the system a couple of days earlier, and here you are, your servers are in the folder on drive C, and Steam itself is deleted.

Removing games

How to delete a game in Steam? If there was a beta version of the game, and then the official one, then the beta should be put somewhere. Here is the question of how to remove the beta. Games that you want to delete can be erased by contacting technical support, otherwise nothing.

Account deleting

Deleting an account is another headache. How to delete an account in Steam? To remove it, you need to contact the administration Steam. But remember, you need to contact the administrators, whose nickname shines with a different light, because some impersonate admins and steal accounts.

You will need to give up all the news, from paying for services, from linking your credit cards to Steam and everything like that. But no one will immediately remove you. So if you want your account to be deleted and not stolen, it’s better to erase all your data from it and just drop it, it will be deleted later by the system itself. If you want to be removed, so to speak, with your presence, then write to the administration about it. You will be removed in three stages.

  • First, you will be warned about what you will lose if you retire.
  • The second is clearing of bindings and everything associated with it.
  • The third is confirmation that you want to leave.
  • These stages, by the way, can take place not on the same day. In general, in Steam, as always, a lot of pitfalls.

Interesting facts about Steam

In our country, Steam is called "Valve Browser". To some extent, these people are right, because Steam is made to look for information about Valve and download it. But in the opinion of 80% of gamers, this is a useless project. They believe that Steam was created for those who simply have nowhere to put money. After all, on Steam in order to download the game, you need to pay, and sometimes a lot. But there are pluses: the games downloaded through Steam for money do not have any viruses or malware, they are always licensed.

But in some games that are in Steam, you can play without it. For example, all the same "Counter-Strike", "Halfe-Life". You can not pay for these games, you can download them from the disk and play quietly on the Internet. The downside is that no one is responsible for the game servers, but everything is free.