How to replace the starter?

Speaking about how to repair the starter VAZ 2115, it is worth noting that, unlike other car models, this is a fairly simple procedure. In this article we will explain in detail and in simple language how to do this. If you follow our step-by-step instructions, then you will succeed.

Starter replacement


  • Key for 8 mm.
  • 13mm wrench.
  • Ratchet wrench with extension and nozzles

Now, knowing what tools we need to work, we can proceed. All actions must be performed in strict sequence. Instruction:

  • Remove the negative battery terminal.
  • Remove the air filter.
  • Remove the 2 bolts with an 8 mm wrench.
  • Loosen the collar from the DFID sensor and remove the rubber grief from its case.
  • Disconnect the connector from the DFID sensor and remove the filter fasteners (rubber) from the socket.
  • Remove the metal grief.
  • Remove the air filter.
  • Unscrew the positive lead (thick) from the retractor relay using a 13 mm open-ended wrench.
  • Remove the "mother" with a red wire.
  • Unscrew the upper and lower nuts with a ratchet wrench.
  • Take out the starter, remove and strip the wires.
  • Insert a new or repaired old starter, following the instructions in reverse order.

Replacing starter bushings

Here we will talk about how to replace the bushings on the starter, which is also easy to follow if you follow the instructions. Note that the frequent replacement of bushings, at first glance, facilitates the procedure itself, because over time they are easily inserted by hand, but remember that this is what can harm your car. Since it can later roll in the bore hole, after which it breaks and the first sign of such a breakdown is jamming of the starter. So do not get carried away with the constant replacement of sleeves and be very careful.


  • M12 tap
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Drill Chuck

Next, we consider in detail the information about the replacement of starter bushings. Instruction:

  • Disconnect the wires from the starter and from the battery.
  • Unscrew the lower bolt of the mount and screw it in from the opposite side.
  • Jack up the engine in the direction of the left wheel.
  • Remove the two bolts and remove the starter.
  • Insert the M12 tap into the drill chuck and screw it into the sleeve (1-3 turns).
  • We pull out the old sleeve, and screw in a new one.

Starter brushes replacement

The most common question about how to replace the brushes on the starter. After all, those who have already tried to do it with their own hands know how easy it is to get lost in various details and to miss something. And these people can be completely understood, as the task is complicated. Therefore, we decided to write a few instructions step by step, so that such a procedure would not be difficult for you.


  • Screwdrivers.
  • Heads and kardanchik.
  • Grease
  • Soldering iron.
  • Long crank.
  • Petrol.
  • Inspection pit.

Now consider in more detail how you can replace the starter brushes. Instruction:

  • Remove the battery.
  • Remove the air filter with the housing.
  • Remove the two upper bolts near the starter.
  • Go down to the inspection pit and remove the protection.
  • Unscrew the spacer, which is located between the air manifold and the cylinder, and remove the third bolt near the starter.
  • Remove the first clamp, unscrew the nut, then remove the second clamp.
  • Remove the starter.
  • Unscrew the two bolts from the back of the starter using an 8 mm and 7 mm wrench.
  • Remove the through-bolts and remove the cover with the deck of brushes.
  • Unscrew the contact of the brushes and remove the rotor.
  • To release a block of brushes, unscrewing two bolts on a cover.
  • Remove the springs and pull out the brushes from the pads.
  • Clean the rotor with a file, then wipe it with a cloth moistened with gasoline.
  • Solder brushes.
  • Lubricate the bushings and drive the rotor in the starter.
  • Dress up a pad with brushes, taking turns placing them on the seats.
  • Fit the cover and tighten the through-bolts.
  • Center pad with an awl.
  • Screw the bolts under the slot.
  • To fasten contact of brushes.
  • Put on the motor.

Now you have enough information to not only repair any parts in your car, but also to advise others on how to replace the starter.