How to salt a row of people at home

The ranks are mushrooms, which are often found in the forest, but are little known to beginner mushroom pickers. Experienced connoisseurs love to pour the ranks at home for the winter.

Like, rowers are salted, marinated, fried, boiled. Salting them is simple, if you know the nature of the preparation. Then they turn out to be inexpressibly delicious and aromatic. In any of the recipes, you can always add something of your own.

Salted ryadovki - a great appetizer to the table. They are sold in the store, but I advise you to preserve it on your own. It is not difficult to salt these mushrooms if you follow certain rules to make the dish delicious. I offer several proven recipes. We also have cooking recipes on our website. Be sure to study.

The classic recipe for picking ryadovok

Photo of a mushroom peasant in the forest

The riders are ideal for salting, and first of all we will consider the classical cooking technology. It provides for the use of spices, currant and horseradish leaves, which have a positive effect on taste and aromatic qualities.


  • Rowing - 10 kg.
  • Salt - 400 grams
  • Garlic, pepper, dill.
  • Horseradish leaf, black currant leaf, bay leaf.
  1. Peeled, washed and soaked mushrooms put in the prepared barrel or other convenient capacity legs up. Do everything in layers, not forgetting to sprinkle with salt and spices. At the bottom lay some of the leaves of dill, horseradish, currant.
  2. On top, lay a row of hats down, cover with a layer of spices and leaves, press down the plate with the load. As the mass is compacted, later report a new portion of salt-laden salt-laden ryadovok.
  3. Transfer the container to a cool place. The pickle will be ready in 40 days.
Video Tips

The classic way to prepare salted ryadovok is simple. Of course, before the appearance of the finished delicacy on the table will be a lot of time, but the expectation is worth it.

How to salt a row of people for the winter in banks

Solyat ryadovki for the winter in several ways, including hot and cold. The ranks, salted with a hot method, are served to the table in a few days. Cold salting takes more time, but the mushrooms are more delicious and crispy, like salted mushrooms.

Cold way

  • The ranks are 1 kilogram.
  • Garlic - 3 cloves.
  • Horseradish leaves - 3 leaves.
  • Dill - a few twigs.
  • Pepper peas - 10 pieces.
  • Large salt - 50 grams.
  1. To begin with, pick the mushrooms, clean them from dirt and wash them in water several times. Fold in a pan and, fill the water, cook two to three minutes and strain.
  2. Put the horseradish leaves in cooked jars. Spread the layers in layers, sprinkling with salt. Between the layers add garlic cloves.
  3. After laying the last layer, cover the containers with covers. Put in a cool place for a month and a half. Pickles are kept for up to a year.

Remember, in salted dill and horseradish leaves are used for a reason. Dill gives flavor, and horseradish gives sharpness and does not allow to sour. Some mistresses additionally use cherry leaves, which make mushrooms crispy and elastic.

Hot way

  • The ranks are 1 kilogram.
  • Water - 1.5 liters.
  • Salt - 75 grams.
  • Bay leaf - 3 pieces.
  • Black pepper peas - 10 pieces.
  • Carnation - 5 pieces.
  • Sweet pepper - if desired.
  1. In a volumetric container pour water and put on fire. Send all the spices there. Boil the liquid on the maximum fire.
  2. Clean and wash ryadovki, then send to boiling water and wait for a second boil. Then reduce the heat and cover the container with a lid, cook for 45 minutes.
  3. Cooked mushrooms put in jars, pour hot brine. When they cool, cover with plastic covers. Put in a cool place for 40 days.

It is enough for one week to allow the mushrooms to salivate, but the peak of taste will reach the dish in a month and a half. So I advise you to be patient. During this time, you can pick up a good side dish to a mushroom snack, although fried potatoes will do.

Helpful Tips

Striders are incredibly delicious mushrooms, regardless of the way they are cooked. Step-by-step recipes we have already considered. Finally, I will share recommendations that will help make the dish perfect.

  1. Traditionally, for pickling, rifle hats are used. They are carefully peeled off of them, then washed repeatedly. This helps to get rid of the grains of sand that are clogged between the plates.
  2. The ranks are tasty in any form. They are fried, boiled, marinated and salted. Always before cooking, soak for at least three days in ice water.
  3. The ranks are included in the category of conditionally edible mushrooms and can not be consumed raw. Heat treatment minimizes the risk of poisoning, so nutritionists are advised to salt mushrooms in a hot way.
  4. Those who want to experiment with taste advise you to add new ingredients to the container with mushrooms. It can be spices, leaves of fruit and berry trees.

Now you know all the ways of picking ryadovok at home for the winter. As for serving the food to the table, everything is simple here. Remove the mushrooms from the jar, pour into a colander, rinse with water, place in a salad bowl, add chopped onion and a little vegetable oil. After mixing, the snack is ready. Bon Appetit!

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