How to save space in the kitchen

How to save space in the kitchenIf the kitchen area does not allow to install a lot of furniture and household appliances, then you have to look for a decision on the optimal combination of the necessary equipment and extended space in a small room.

Some practical tips

The designers of the premises give many recommendations for creating a cozy and spacious kitchen.

Decision number 1 - the layout is correct

Acquire only the most necessary, useful things and furniture. Do not clutter up the kitchen with excess appliances. Be sure to free up space at the door, try to use the window space and window sill as much as possible.

Solution # 2 - Prefer the corner kitchen

In the corner of the room you can place most of the kitchen appliances. On the website of the kitchen factory "Kitchens for People" you will get acquainted with the most popular sketches of the corner kitchen and be sure to choose the best option for yourself.

How to save space in the kitchen

Solution # 3 - Hang kitchenware on the wall

Store all small and multifunctional items on the wall:

  • ladles;
  • cookbooks;
  • small buckets;
  • covers from pots;
  • knives;
  • beaters and stuff.

Inside cabinets, such a trifle takes up a three-dimensional place, and on the wall - it will look neat and practical (all the utensils are at your fingertips). However, do not overdo it and place appliances on all the walls of the kitchen - this will visually fill the space of the room.

How to save space in the kitchen

Decision number 4 - Remove unnecessary household appliances

Take it seriously to buying a variety of household appliances; choose only the most necessary. If you prefer to cook food on the hob, then you have nothing to acquire a slow cooker or convection oven.

Give preference to multi-function devices that combine several devices:

  • mixer;
  • blender;
  • meat grinder;
  • dough mixer and stuff.

How to save space in the kitchen

Solution # 5 - Buy compact kitchen furniture

Pick up the kitchen a few inches less in depth, and you will immediately notice the space saved.

Also you can buy a kitchenette. The set of such furniture includes all the essentials. A compact headset will be the best solution for a small kitchen and will help to increase the space several times.

Experiment, create, invent, and you will surely equip your kitchen, which will be different practicality, versatility and versatility.