How to score a hookah?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
January 18, 2013
How to score a hookah?

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How to score a hookah?

There are those who know exactly how to score a hookah, those who are aware of how to smoke it, and, finally, those who are fluent in all the knowledge. There are a lot of these people today, no doubt. It was they who revealed to you the secret of how to properly hookah.

  • Pour cold water into a special flask and place as much ice as possible into it. Then the smoke will be "easier."
  • Put tobacco on top.
  • Cover the container with two layers of foil. We make it frequent small holes.
  • We proceed to the secret "ingredient": we make a ring about 2 cm high from foil. Thanks to the ringlet, the coal does not touch the first foil layer. In addition, the ring saves heat from the coals, the heat gradually reaches the tobacco, and it evenly "steams" without burning.
  • Put the ring on the cup with tobacco in the center.
  • We cover the bowl with the ring with another layer of foil and again create frequent punctures on the surface.
  • We put the finished bowl on the hookah. Top lay out a few pieces of coal.
  • Cover the “dish” with a special metal bulb (it should be sold with a hookah). If there is none, hide it under the next layer of foil. Hookah ready. Have a great time!

If the instructions are not enough, watch the video at the end of this topic.

Some interesting facts about hookah

  • Rumors that smoking hookah causes less harm to the body than cigarettes, a myth! Doctors have fully proved that the hookah is not only not harmless, but, on the contrary, puts the body at much greater risk.
  • The name "hookah" in translation from Persian means a container for storing precious items and incense for women.
  • For the first time, hookahs appeared in India and were made from coconut shells.
  • In some countries, the refusal to smoke hookah in the society of the elite is regarded, by the participants of the process, as a personal insult.
  • Each hookah is a handicraft.
  • The more hookah, so it is considered better.