How to seal a crack in the wall?

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How to seal a crack in the wall?

Unfortunately, the quality of construction of modern houses often leaves much to be desired, and therefore cracks in the walls are a rather popular problem today. In this article we will explain how to eliminate cracks of various sizes in the walls.

Small cracks

If small cracks appear on the wall, in order to eliminate them, only a primer, a putty and a putty mesh will be required. The sequence of actions will be as follows:

  1. Thoroughly clean the wall of construction materials and debris - it is very important that the wall was perfectly clean.
  2. Ground the wall.
  3. Stick the putty mesh on the wall so that it covers all the cracks.
  4. Cover the grid with a thin layer of putty, wait until it dries and sand. It is done!

For the most reliable performance, use Ceresit CT29 putty. Not only is this putty designed for exterior walls, it also does not need subsequent sanding.

Significant cracks

If the crack in the wall is large, the work, of course, is more serious.In this case, you will have to work with the "native" wall, and therefore you will have to completely remove the entire layer of plaster - this is not so much a matter as very dusty. After the plaster has been removed, it will be necessary to fasten a special metal mesh to the wall (you can buy it at any hardware store) and apply the cement-sand plaster.

Wall flow

In the event that the crack in the wall is so large that it began to diverge, you will need to perform a special metal screed. First you need to clean the wall of plaster, then fix the screed with screws, tighten the metal grid and plaster the wall.

Frankly, this work should already be entrusted to professionals, since the wall material and the material and size of the metal plates for the screed play an important role in this matter. In addition, it is necessary to correctly calculate how many screeds will be required, three is usually advised, but in some cases more may be required. As you can see, there are many subtleties, so if you do not have building skills, you should not take on this responsible task.