How to send a beacon

You will need
  • Sim card, phone for a child, your phone
Get your child a SIM card. Virtually all operators today offer children's fares. They are distinguished by loyal prices, a ban on access to the Internet, the presence of children's information platforms. Please note that your SIM card must be issued by the same operator.
Make sure your phone supports MMS receiving. If this function is not supported, then you will not be able to receive information about the location of your child, because it comes in the form of a picture. Make sure your phone accepts this kind of message.
Activate the child's SIM card by inserting it into the phone. Agree to provide the service. To do this, dial from the phone of your child the combination * 141 * and then your phone number. Note that the phone must be entered, replacing the first 8 with the number 7. After the phone, do not forget to enter # and press the call button.
To find out where the child is, enter the command * 141 # from your phone and press the call key. For some time you will receive an MMS message, which will indicate where the current location of your child is.
Please note that the information received on your phone will be slightly different from the real one. This is because the geographic coordinates of not the child are sent to you, but the station that receives the signal to which it is closest to. The higher the population density, the greater the number of stations located on the territory, respectively, the more accurate the information obtained will be. In some cases, the error may be from several hundred meters to several tens of kilometers.
Requests you can send an unlimited number of times a day, but no more than 1 time in 3 minutes. At special children's rates, the service can be used free of charge.