How to sew a cover on a chair?

Any furniture tends to wear out and eventually lose its appeal. In this case, you should not immediately search for new items of interior. You can try to update the existing furniture with covers for it. It is best to start with sewing chair covers.

What you need to do

In order to cover the chair itself, you will need a cloth, scissors, a sewing machine and a fastener / adhesive tape / tape. First you need to know the size of the chair: for this you need to measure and record all the parameters (height, width of the back of the chair and 4 sides of the seat). All these parameters will help to sew the cover on the chair - the pattern is based on them.

In the case when you decide to sew a case only on the back, you can choose one of several options. For the manufacture of a cover-cape (with ties on the sides), you only need to cut a rectangular piece of the right size from fabric, and you must always leave 1.5 cm on each side for binder. If you want to make a cover-pillowcase, then to the width you need to add another centimeters of thickness of the backrest. Well, and, of course, indents for seams.

The next step in tailoring a cover is the cutting of parts for sitting.For this you need to draw a square on the fabric in accordance with the size of the seat. After this, it is necessary to add to the length of each side of the seat as much as you think is best for the covers. Length - this is purely your personal decision: it can be either on the floor or barely close the seat directly.

Next you need to put the cut fabric on the seat of the chair and lower the edges of the pattern on all four sides, so that they fit to the legs of the chair. Now draw a line from the corners of the seat to the bottom of each leg. If the fabric puffs up in the corners, then it will be outlined. It is these segments that need to be cut, putting the pattern on the table (do not forget about seam allowances) - these will be tucks.

Next comes the turn of the use of a sewing machine. We take the pattern for the back, fold twice 0.7 cm on the top and bottom side and stitch it. After we fold the detail in half with the “face” inside and we stretch the edges. The final step is to fit and trim the edges of the details for sitting. The darts on the front two corners are stitched, and on the other corners they are fitted and sheathed (not joined).After that, ribbons are attached to them, with which the cover will be fixed on the chair. Instead of ribbons, as fasteners, you can use a variety of Velcro or buttons.

How to sew a case on a computer chair

As you know, removable covers are not attached to computer chairs. Therefore, in order to protect the “native cover” of such a chair, it is possible to sew a cover for it. Moreover, such covers can not be bought anywhere.

To do this, you need to disassemble your computer chair and measure it. By the size to make a pattern and you can sew a cover. What to use as fasteners - you decide: it can be like buttons, and zippers or elastic bands. Just keep in mind that the fasteners must be reliable (they must fix the cover well on the chair), because in a computer chair you or your family spend quite a long time. And throughout the time you want, of course, to feel comfortable.

Thus, now you know how to sew a cover on a chair, so you can safely begin to update old interior items. You can, of course, buy covers. However, in this case, you will have to choose not so much what you want, but from what is there.Therefore, tailoring the covers yourself, you will receive exclusive products that will fully meet your requirements and preferences. The main thing - to show imagination! And then, your apartment will sparkle with new colors. Take advantage of article tips and transform the interior of your home.