How to sew epaulets?

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How to sew epaulets?

A person in uniform should always have a flawless appearance, so it is extremely important to monitor how chevrons, epaulets and other insignia will be sewn, as it is possible to judge the accuracy of a military or police officer. Because of this, many employees are interested in how to sew epaulets correctly.

What tools are needed for sewing epaulet

To sew these insignia will be needed:

  • ruler;
  • needle with thread of a suitable color;
  • scissors and thimble.
  • In some cases, also useful pliers or tweezers.

The epaulette itself is very hard, so piercing it with a needle is quite difficult. In order not to injure your fingers it is better to wear a thimble.Epaulettes

Passatizhi and tweezers may be necessary for pulling the needle through the hole. Usually such a need may arise if you sew a very tight shoulder strap to your tunic or coat.


  1. At the very beginning of the work it is necessary to prepare the shoulder strap, that is, to fix on it stars and pegs, as well as other decals. This is done in advance,since after sewing on the base of the epaulet, it will be much harder or even impossible.
  2. Next, we apply the shoulder strap to the place reserved for it so that the levelEpaulettesits side (distant from the button) ran parallel to the seam, which connects the sleeve with the shoulder of the jacket. As for the upper edge of the shoulder strap, it should be located exactly one centimeter higher than the seam that runs along the shoulder (this is where the ruler comes in handy).
  3. Before tightly stitching shoulder straps on both the shirt and jacket, it is better to fix them with contrasting threads at three points (for example, white, they will need to be removed later). This is necessary so that in the process of final consolidation of the shoulder strap, it does not move, and its mount is strong and level. It is best to fasten it around the sleeve seam in the corners and on the opposite side.
  4. After the epaulet will be fixed, it can be finally and firmlyEpaulettessew. Recall that you need to take for this thread, suitable for color. First, the thread with the help of a knot is fastened from the inside of the jacket (shirt), the needle is passed through the “shoulder” of the clothes and through the shoulder strap itself. It is more convenient to start stitches from the side of the sleeve.The stitches should be applied not randomly, but along the perimeter of the shoulder strap, duplicating the existing seam. It is necessary to make stitches of such size that they are minimally visible on the surface of the shoulder strap, then even the thread that is not very suitable in color will not be visible.
  5. When the shoulder strap is sewn along the entire perimeter, it is necessary to carefully remove the contrasting threads that secured the distinctive mark for convenience. In the same way as the first shoulder strap is sewn, the second is also sewn.

Sewing on the shirt

Distinguishing marks are sewn not only to the jacket, but also to the shirt. In principle, these two processes are no different and are performed according to the same scheme, which is given above. We only note that it is a little easier to sew decals on the shirt, since its fabric is thin and, unlike the jacket, does not have a lining, so it is easier to pierce it with a needle.

If the description of the process is not entirely clear, you can watch the video on this page, how to sew shoulder straps, which clearly describes in detail the entire course of this process. Before sewing shoulder straps, you need to be patient, because this process is not easy and may not work out very well the first time.It may even take several times to unpick and change the epaulets again.