How to shoot HD?

Elena Melnichenko
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How to shoot HD?

Which device is better to choose for shooting? This question is of interest to all who wish to end up with high quality. Modern cameras are widely versatile, and some models are even noticeably superior to camcorders and are characterized by the ability to shoot in HD.

To make the right choice and learn how to shoot HD, you need to learn more about all the pluses and minuses of these two types of technology, since shooting depends on it.

Camcorder shooting

There are quite a lot of video and camera on the market, so we�ll focus on the Sony NX5 camcorder. The video device has an automatic focusing, a high level of image magnification, an optical stabilizer, it is presented in the form of a convenient device that is easy to hold. Of the minuses can be called the effect of "blurring", which is created in the process of shooting. When post-processing a video, a feeling of �heaviness� appears.

Camera shooting

If you look at the Canon 5D Mark II camera, you can note the following advantages here: high quality and sharpness of the picture, the ability to create a �cinema effect� and the presence of an optical stabilizer. Of the drawbacks, this is an inconvenience during focusing and less opportunity to zoom in or out.

It can be concluded that both photo and video cameras have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, first you need to make a choice, given the future purpose of the application.

How to shoot HD, everyone decides individually for themselves. If shooting is intended for weddings, then a video camera would be a better option. It has universal settings and is perfect for all types of use. For capturing cinematographic frames, a camera is perfect, which can be supplemented with a tripod or rails to improve the process.