How was Transformers shot?

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How was Transformers shot?

The popular film "Transformers", filmed in 2007 by American filmmaker Michael Bay, has become one of the cult films of the new millennium. It has been shown in many countries and has gained its fans everywhere. Perhaps such a resounding success was made possible thanks to the abundance of special effects in the film that simply amaze the imagination.

Many viewers would like to know how Transformers were shot and what happened on the set during the entire process of making the film.

How it all began

Five years before the birth of the picture, the transforming robot company had an idea to make a film about its products. The basis was chosen popular comics and cartoons, where the main characters were robots. Work on the project invited Tom DeSanto and Don Murphy. In the course of stormy discussions, a story was born about a teenage boy involved in a global conflict of alien beings.

The idea of ​​the authors was to create a film that would be interesting not only to the younger generation, but also to people far from games and comics.Judging by the tremendous success that the film had at the box office, the idea and its embodiment were enjoyed by millions of viewers, and the film had a whole army of fans.

Working environment

To understand what was the working situation on the set, you need to imagine hundreds of cameras, smoke machines, mountains of pyrotechnics and a lot of stuntmen who are ready to perform dangerous stunts. Debris of machinery, destroyed buildings, pieces of asphalt and concrete reinforcement were piled up everywhere. Conditions were as close to real as possible.

The location of filming is the city of Chicago, the embankment (most of it was blocked). People who were nearby and became eyewitnesses of the shooting process sometimes admitted that they actually believed in what was happening, so the events really unfolded.

Especially for the film was purchased a huge variety of cars, including military equipment. While the transformers were being filmed, over 530 cars were completely destroyed or damaged. There are an incredible amount of destruction in this fantastic action movie, but since it was impossible to destroy the truly embankment of Chicago, we created unique models of buildings that were later mercilessly destroyed in the film.Pieces of asphalt, soaring into the air, are also not real, this is a foam mask disguised as an asphalt surface.

Since the actions at the site were quite serious, there was a car of the Chicago Fire Department on duty every day to ensure safety.